California Vehicle Code Division 11 Chapter 9 Table of Contents

Division 11 - Rules of the Road
Chapter 9. Stopping, Standing, or Parking

Table of Contents for Chapter 9 of Division 11 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
22500Prohibited Stopping, Standing, or Parking
22500.1Additional Prohibited Stopping, Standing, or Parking: Fire Lane
22500.5Schoolbuses: Loading and Unloading of Passengers
22501Local Regulation of State Highways
22502Curb Parking
22503Local Ordinance: Angle Parking
22503.5Two- or Three-Wheeled Motor Vehicle Parking Regulations
22504Unincorporated Area Parking; School Bus Stops
22505Stopping, Standing, or Parking on State Highway Segments
22506Local Regulation of State Highway: Stopping, Standing, or Parking
22507Local Regulations
22507.1Local Regulations: Parking Privileges: Car Share or Ridesharing Programs
22507.2Permit Parking: Private Driveway
22507.5Local Parking Regulations
22507.6Local Regulations: Street Sweeping; Commercial Vehicles
22507.8Parking in Spaces for the Disabled
22507.9Local Authority: Enforcement of Disabled Persons Parking
22508Parking Meter Zones
22508.5 Inoperable Parking Meters
22509Parking on Hills
22510Parking in Snow Removal Areas
22511Off-Street Parking: Electric Vehicles
22511.1Off-Street Parking: Electric Vehicles: Prohibitions
22511.3Veterans with Special License Plates: Parking in Metered Spaces
22511.5Disabled Parking: Authorized Parking Zones
22511.6Cancellation or Revocation of Placard
22511.7Parking for the Disabled
22511.8Offstreet Parking for the Disabled: Removal of Vehicles
22511.9Disabled Person Sign
22511.10Disabled Parking: Legislative Findings and Intent
22511.11Disabled Parking: State Architect Regulations
22511.55Placards: Issuance: Substitute
22511.56Placards or Plates: Evidence of Issuance; Misuse
22511.57Disabled Plates or Placards: Local Restrictions
22511.58Disabled Parking Placards: Substantiating Information
22511.59Temporary Placards
22511.85Off-Street Parking: Loading or Unloading Disabled Passengers
22511.95Persons with Disability Sign
22512Utility Vehicles
22513Tow Trucks
22514Fire Hydrants
22515Unattended Vehicle
22516Locked Vehicle
22517Opening and Closing Doors
22518Use of Fringe and Transportation Corridor Parking Facilities
22519Regulation of Offstreet Parking
22520.5Vending On or Near Freeways
22520.6Prohibited Activity: Roadside Rest or Vista Point
22521Parking Upon or Near Railroad Track
22522Parking Near Designated Sidewalk Access Ramps
22523Abandonment Prohibited
22524Abandonment: Presumption
22524.5Liability for Towing and Storage Charges
22525Use of State Highway Bus Stops by Vanpool Vehicles
22526Entering Intersection, Rail Crossing, or Marked Crosswalk

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