California Vehicle Code Division 12 Chapter 1 Table of Contents

Division 12 - Equipment of Vehicles
Chapter 1. General Provisions

Table of Contents for Chapter 1 of Division 12 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
24001Application of Division
24001.5Golf Cart
24002Vehicle Not Equipped or Unsafe
24002.5Farm Labor Vehicles: Unsafe Operation: Penalties
24003Vehicle With Unlawful Lamps
24004Unlawful Operation After Notice by Officer
24005Sale, Transfer or Installation of Unlawful Equipment
24005.5Uncertified Synthetic Rope or Webbing Strap Material
24006Name or Trademark
24007Responsibility of Dealer or Other Person Selling Motor Vehicle
24007.1Emergency Vehicles: Correction of Defects
24007.2NOx Devices: Free Installation for Low-Income Elderly Persons
24007.5Sale by Auctioneer or Public Agency
24007.6Salvage Pool Requirements
24008Modification of Vehicles
24008.5Frame and Floor Height
24009Manufacturer's Name and GVW Rating
24010Vehicle Rental Responsibility
24011Federal Safety Standard
24011.3Bumper Strength Notice
24011.7Exhaust and Noise Emission Control Inspection
24012Compliance With Lighting Equipment Mounting Regulations
24013Statement of Minimum Octane Number of Gasoline for Motor Vehicle
24013.5Information Disclosure: Light Duty Truck Sales
24014Motorcycle Sales: Required Price Information
24015Motorized Bicycle: Safety and Equipment Requirements
24016Motorized Bicycle Electric Motor: Safety and Equipment Requirements
24017 Transit Buses: Speedometer Requirements
24018Transit Bus: Requirement for Two-way Communication Device

Vehicle Code Table of Contents