California Vehicle Code Division 12 Chapter 2 Article 7 Table of Contents

Division 12 - Equipment of Vehicles
Chapter 2. Lighting Equipment
Article 7. Flashing and Colored Lights

Table of Contents for Article 7 of Chapter 2 of Division 12 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
25250Flashing Lights
25251Permitted Flashing Lights
25251.1Flashing Lights on Slow-Moving Implements of Husbandry
25251.2Motorcycles: Headlamp Flasher
25251.3Turn Signal Warning Lights: Civil Liability
25251.4Theft Alarm System
25251.5Deceleration Warning Lights
25252Warning Lamps on Authorized Emergency Vehicles
25252.5Flashing Headlamps on Authorized Emergency Vehicles
25253Warning Lamps on Tow Trucks
25253.1Warning Lamps: Dismantler's Tow Vehicle
25254Warning Lights on Vehicles Operated by Personnel of Marshal's Department
25256Warning Lights on Highway Maintenance Vehicles
25257Schoolbus Warning Signal System
25257.2Flashing Lights: Schoolbuses Transporting Disabled
25257.5Flashing Lights: Schoolbuses
25257.7Schoolbuses: Additional Lights
25258Authorized Emergency Vehicles: Additional Lights
25259Additional Warning Lights on Authorized Emergency Vehicles
25259.1Disaster Service Workers: Flashing Amber Warning Lights
25259.5Warning Lights on Red Cross Vehicles
25260Warning Lights on Public Utility Vehicles
25260.1Warning Lights on Utility Vehicles
25260.3Warning Lights on Personnel Aerial Lift Vehicle
25260.4Warning Lamps: Hazardous Substance Spill Response Vehicle
25261Warning Lights on County Vehicles
25262Armored Cars
25263Warning Lights on House Towing Vehicles
25264Warning Lights on Coroner Vehicles
25265Warning Lights on Sanitation District Repair Vehicles
25266Warning Lights on Levee Maintenance Vehicles
25267Warning Lights on Pest Abatement Vehicles
25268Use of Flashing Amber Warning Light
25269Use of Red Warning Light
25270Warning Lights on Pilot Cars
25270.5Warning Lights on Vehicles Herding Livestock
25271Warning Lights on Pet Ambulances
25271.5Warning Lamps: Animal Control Vehicles
25272Warning Lights on Rural Mail Vehicles
25273Warning Lights on School District Vehicles
25274Warning Lights on Cable Television Vehicles
25275Warning Lamps on Trucks With Long Loads
25275.5Buses: Crime Alarm Lights
25276Warning Lights on Vehicles Transporting Mentally Retarded or Disabled
25277Warning Lights on Vehicles Enforcing Parking Laws
25278Warning Lights: Survey Vehicles
25279Warning Lights on Private Security Agency Vehicles
25280Warning Lights on Garbage, Rubbish, or Refuse Vehicles
25281Warning Lights: Water Tender Vehicles
25282Warning Lights: Contractors and Construction Companies

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