California Vehicle Code Division 14.8 Table of Contents

Division 14.8 - Safety Regulations

Table of Contents for Division 14.8 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
34500Required Regulations
34500.1Regulation of Tour Buses
34500.2Emergency Vehicles: Exemption
34500.3Cargo Securement Standards
34500.5Commercial Motor Vehicle: Definition
34501Matters Regulated
34501.1Certification of Wheelchair Lifts
34501.2Limitations: Driving Hours
34501.3Motor Carriers: Unlawful Schedule
34501.4Violation: Logbook Requirements
34501.5Vehicle Safety Regulations
34501.6Schoolbuses: Reduced Visibility
34501.7Regulations: Wheelchair Lifts
34501.8General Public Paratransit Vehicles: Inspection
34501.9Wages: Nonapplication
34501.10Driver Record and Log Books: Location
34501.12Inspection of Maintenance Facility or Terminal
34501.13Unsatisfactory Rating Notification
34501.14Grape Gondolas: Inspection
34501.15Out-of-Service Order
34501.16Information for Employees
34501.17Paratransit Vehicles: Safety Inspection Requirements
34501.18Motor Carriers: Replacement of Drivers: Required Inspection
34502Safety Standards
34503Legislative Intent: Uniform Regulation
34505Tour Buses: Inspection
34505.1Recommended Suspension, Revocation, or Denial of Tour Bus Operating Authority
34505.5Periodic Inspection by Motor Carrier
34505.6Motor Carriers of Property and Motortrucks: Failure to Meet Requirements
34505.7Recommended Suspension: Failure to Comply
34505.9Intermodal Roadability Inspections Program
34505.10Retention of Records: Contract Transportation Services
34506Violations: Misdemeanors
34506.3Violations: Infractions
34506.4Removal of Certain Unsafe Vehicles
34506.5Farm Labor Vehicles: Forfeiture
34507Display of Symbol
34507.5Carrier Identification Number
34507.6Bus: Carrier Identification Number
34508Additional Regulations: Schoolbuses
34508.5Study: Bus Overcrowding and Obstructed Aisles
34509Vanpool Vehicles: Equipment and Inspection
34510Display of Shipping Papers
34510.5 Construction Trucking Services Brokers: Surety Bond
34511Civil Action: Safety Regulation Violations
34513Regulations: Tour Buses: Equipment and Maintenance
34514Roadside Vehicle Safety Inspections
34515Maintenance Facility or Terminal
34516Transportation of Food Products
34517Commercial Zones: Vehicles from Other Countries
34518Foreign Motor Carriers
34520Motor Carriers and Drivers: Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use Testing
34520.3School Transportation Vehicles: Testing Requirement
34520.5Paratransit Vehicles: Employers and Drivers: Program Participation Requirements

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