California Vehicle Code Division 17 Chapter 2 Article 1 Table of Contents

Division 17 - Offenses and Prosecution
Chapter 2. Procedure on Arrests
Article 1. Arrests

Table of Contents for Article 1 of Chapter 2 of Division 17 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
40300Application of Chapter
40300.2Violation Involving Commercial Motor Vehicles
40300.5Arrest Without Warrant
40300.6Place of Arrest: Driving Under the Influence
40302Mandatory Appearance
40302.5Arrest of Minor
40303Optional Appearance Before a Magistrate
40303.5Notice to Correct Violation for Specified Infractions
40304Discretionary Procedure
40304.5Arrest on Warrant: Bail
40305Offense by Nonresident
40305.5Offense by Nonresident: Commercial Vehicles
40306Misdemeanor and Infraction Procedure Before Magistrate
40307Magistrate Unavailable
40309Payment or Parking Penalty by Mail
40310Uniform Traffic Penalty Schedule
40311Arraignment for Other Violations
40312Arrest Prohibition: Receipt for Fine
40313Record of Notice of Reexamination
40500Notice to Appear
40501Time to Appear
40502Place to Appear
40503Speed Charge
40504Delivery of Notice
40505Copy of Notice
40506Filing Copies
40507Appearance by Counsel
40508Violation of Promise to Appear or Pay Fine
40508.5Automated County Warrant System: Assessment
40508.6Administrative Assessments
40509Notice to Department: Failure to Appear, Pay Fine, or Obey Court Order
40509.1Failure to Comply with a Court Order: Notice to Department
40509.5Notice to Department: Failure to Appear
40510Deposit of Bail or Parking Penalty
40510.5Bail: Installment Payments
40511Fixing Bail
40512Forfeiture of Bail
40512.5Optional Bail Forfeiture
40512.6 Traffic Violator School: Failure to Complete Program
40513Filing of Complaint
40514Issuance of Warrant
40515Issuance of Warrant for Violation of Promise to Appear
40516Expense to Departments
40518Automated Traffic Enforcement Systems: Notice to Appear
40519Trial Scheduling; Written Not Guilty Plea
40520Notice to Appear: Affidavit of Non-Liability
40521Forfeited Bail and Penalty Assessment: Deposit by Mail
40522Proof of Correction: Dismissal of Charges

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