California Vehicle Code Division 18 Chapter 1 Article 1 Table of Contents

Division 18 - Penalties and Disposition of Fees, Fines, and Forfeitures
Chapter 1. Penalties
Article 1. Public Offenses

Table of Contents for Article 1 of Chapter 1 of Division 18 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
42000.1Driving in Excess of 100 Miles per Hour
42000.5Speeding Violations
42001Infractions and Special Misdemeanors
42001.2Violation of Exhaust Standards
42001.3Driving Logs and Hours: Violation of Regulations
42001.4Transportation of Animals
42001.5Parking in Space Designated for Disabled Persons, Curbs, and Ramps
42001.6Zero-Emission Vehicle: Parking Violation Fine
42001.8Unregistered Vehicle
42001.9Operating Modified Motorized Bicycle on Highway
42001.10Unidentified Off-Highway Vehicle
42001.11Exclusive or Preferential Use lanes
42001.12Emergency Vehicles: Yield Right of Way
42001.13Imposition of Fine: Unlawful Parking in Disabled Space
42001.14Disconnecting, Modifying, or Altering a Pollution Control Device
42001.15Traffic Lights: Infractions: Penalties
42001.16Railroad Grade Crossings: Infractions
42001.17Failure to Stop for Pedestrian: Penalties
42001.18Right-of-Way Violations: Penalties
42001.19Unsafe Operation of Motor Vehicle
42001.20Vehicles: Refuse or Garbage Truck: Horn: Camera: Penalties
42001.25Person Under 21: DUI Penalties
42002General Misdemeanors
42002.1Failure to Submit to Inspection: Penalty
42002.4Removal of Identification Mark or Number: Penalty
42002.5Theft of Vehicle Modified for Use by Disabled Person
42003Payment of Fines and Court and Other Costs
42004Determination of Penalty
42004.524-Hour Suspension of Sentence
42005Court-Ordered Driving Instruction
42005.1Traffic Violator School Study: Participation
42005.3Diversion Program as Alternative to Procedure Required Under Code: Probation
42005.5No Computation for Average Daily Attendance
42006Night or Weekend Court Assessment
42007Uniform Fee for Court-Ordered Driving Instruction
42007.1Traffic Violator School Fee: Deposit: County General Fund
42007.3Traffic Violator School Fee: Allocation
42007.4Traffic School Fees: Allocation
42008State Amnesty Program: Delinquent Fines and Bail
42008.5Amnesty Program
42008.7 Infractions: One-time Amnesty Program
42009Fines: Offenses Committed in Highway Construction or Maintenance Areas
42010Enhanced Penalties: Double Fine Zones

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