California Vehicle Code Division 2 Chapter 1 Article 2 Table of Contents

Division 2 - Administration
Chapter 1. The Department of Motor Vehicles
Article 2. Powers and Duties

Table of Contents for Article2 of Chapter 1 of Division 2 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
1650Administration and Enforcement
1651Rules and Regulations
1651.2Occupational Licensing: Court Orders
1651.3Commercial Driver's Licenses: Military Veterans
1651.5Conversion to Year-Round Registration
1653Grant or Refusal of Applications
1653.5Department Forms: Required Information
1654Real Property
1655Peace Officer Powers
1656Vehicle Code and Synopsis
1656.2Summary of Financial Responsibility Laws
1656.3Driver's Handbook: Rail Transit Safety
1656.4Motor Vehicles: Consumer Affairs: Information to Assist Consumers
1656.5Message Display Systems
1657Driver Education
1658Memberships in Associations Dealing with Related Subjects
1659Driver Education, Training Program for Negligent Drivers
1660Nonprofit Organizations: Records of Vehicle Sales
1661Notification of Registration Renewal
1662Investigation of Dismantler Violations
1663Shoulder Harnesses and Lapbelts
1664Safe Streets Act of 1994: Publicity by Department
1665Occupational Licenses: Time of Renewal
1666Blood Alcohol Information
1666.1Eluding a Peace Officer
1666.5Abandonment or Dumping of Animals
1668Fingerprint Service
1669Service to Public
1670Occupational Licensee: More Than One Type of Business
1671Established Place of Business: Requirements
1672Anatomical Gifts
1672.3Depletion of Inventory: Date
1672.5Anatomical Gifts
1673Refund: Smog Impact Fee: Definition
1673.2Smog Impact Fee: Refund Requirements
1673.4Smog Impact Fee: Refund Claims
1673.5Smog Impact Fee: Erroneous Refunds
1673.6Smog Impact Fee: Unlawful Refund Claims
1673.7Smog Impact Fee: Refund Notice
1674Program Development: Success in Passing Tests
1674.2Report on Restricted Licenses
1674.4Visual, Written, or Behind-the-Wheel Driving Tests: Sensitivity Component
1674.6Transportation Alternatives: Legislative Intent
1675Mature Driver Improvement Course
1676Mature Driver Improvement Course: Fees
1677Course Providers
1678Fee Adjustment: Consumer Price Index
1679Voter Registration Information
1685DMV: Private Industry Partners

Vehicle Code Table of Contents