California Vehicle Code Division 2 Chapter 1 Article 3 Table of Contents

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Division 2 - Administration
Chapter 1. The Department of Motor Vehicles
Article 3. Records of Department

Table of Contents for Article 3 of Chapter 1 of Division 2 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
1800Registration and License Records
1801Records: Storage
1801.1Electronically Submitted Documents
1802Court Records
1803Report of Court Action: Abstract of Conviction
1803.3Report of Conviction Reversal; Notification of Dismissal
1803.4Personal Service
1803.5Report of Court Action: Traffic Violator School Attendance
1804Form of Abstract
1805Failure to Comply
1806Report of Accident or Conviction
1806.1Impound: Vehicle Release Agreement
1806.5Confidential Records: Credit Report
1807Destruction of Records
1807.5Release of Conviction Information
1808Records Open to Public Inspection
1808.1Employer Notification
1808.2Confidential Records: Address of Peace Officer
1808.4Confidential Records: Address of Peace Officers and Employees
1808.5Confidential Records: Physical, Mental Condition; Controlled Substance Offenses
1808.6Confidential Records
1808.7Confidential Records; Traffic Violator School Attendance
1808.8Carrier Notification
1808.9Confidential Records: Continued Eligibility
1808.10 Commercial Drivers: Traffic Violator School Completion: Disclosure
1808.21Confidential and Suppressed Records
1808.22Exemption: Financial Institution, Insurance Company, and Attorney
1808.23Exemption: Vehicle Manufacturers, Dealers, and Electrical Corporations and Utilities
1808.24Financial Responsibility: Disclosure
1808.25Parking Restrictions: Residence Address
1808.45Unauthorized Disclosure: Misdemeanor
1808.46Unauthorized Access or Distribution: Civil Penalty
1808.47Protection of Confidentiality
1808.51 Confidential Records: Department of Real Estate
1809Traffic Accident Information
1810Sale of Information: Identification of Requester; Notification of Subject
1810.2Commercial Requester Accounts; Requester Codes
1810.3Release of Accident Report Information
1810.5Access to Records
1810.7Direct Computer Access; Permit
1811Sale of Records
1812Free to Government Agencies
1813Free Records
1814Automobile Registration Service
1816Juvenile Traffic Offender: Report to Department
1817Information to Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
1818Vehicle License Notification on Abstract
1819Records of Actual Mileage of Motor Vehicles
1821Intervention Program Data and Monitoring System
1822Legislative Findings: Driving Under the Influence
1825Audit of Applications for Disabled Person Placards

Vehicle Code Table of Contents