California Vehicle Code Division 2 Chapter 2 Article 3 Table of Contents

Division 2 - Administration
Chapter 2. Department of the California Highway Patrol
Article 3. Powers and Duties

Table of Contents for Article 3 of Chapter 2 of Division 2 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
2400Law Enforcement
2400.6Law Enforcement: City of Malibu
2400.7Law Enforcement: Expressways in Santa Clara County
2401Patrol of Highways
2401.1Transportation of Hazardous and Medical Waste
2402Rules and Regulations
2402.6Regulations and Standards: Compressed or Liquefied Gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas
2402.7Hazardous Materials Defined
2403Patrol Districts and Branch Offices
2403.5Reciprocal Operational Agreement
2404Headquarters or Substations
2404.5Mexico Border Crossing Inspection Vehicle
2405Real Property
2406Authorized Patrol Equipment
2407Accident Report Forms
2408Accident Information
2409Peace Officer Authority
2410Traffic Direction
2410.5Traffic Control: Special Events
2411Service of Warrants
2412Accident Investigation
2413Statewide Vehicle Theft Investigation and Apprehension Coordinator; License Plate Reader Data
2414Unclaimed Property
2415Sale of Unclaimed Property
2416Authorized Emergency Vehicle Permit
2417Suspension or Revocation of Permit
2418Foreign Commercial Vehicles
2418.1Foreign Commercial Vehicles: Inspections
2418.5Resuscitator Requirements for Ambulances
2419Replacement of Flares
2420Motorcycle: Gross Brake Horsepower
2420.5Contracts to Conduct Inspections
2421Department of the California Highway Patrol: Out-of-State Funerals
2421.5Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies
2422Emergency Medical Dispatcher Training
2423Youth Bus: Drivers: Additional Instruction and Training
2424Towing: Emergency Road Service, or Storage Agreements
2426Designated Driver Program: Information Sheet
2427Fingerprint Service: Fee
2428Protective Services: Cost
2429Farm Labor Vehicles: Safety Belts: Public Reporting
2429.3Committee: House Car Operation Education
2429.5Farm Labor Vehicle Education

Vehicle Code Table of Contents