California Vehicle Code Division 2 Chapter 4 Article 1 Table of Contents

Division 2 - Administration
Chapter 4. Administration and Enforcement
Article1. Lawful Orders and Inspections

Table of Contents for Article 1 of Chapter 4 of Division 2 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
2800Compliance with Peace Officer Orders
2800.1Evading a Peace Officer
2800.2Evading a Peace Officer: Reckless Driving
2800.3Evading a Peace Officer Causing Injury or Death
2800.4Evading a Peace Officer: Wrong Way Driver
2801Obedience to Firemen
2802Load Inspection
2803Control of Illegal Size or Weight
2804Inspection by Patrol Members
2805Inspection of Vehicles
2806Vehicle and Equipment Inspection
2807Schoolbus Inspection
2807.1Inspection of School Pupil Activity Buses: Display of Inspection Certificates
2807.2Preventive Maintenance Inspection
2807.3Inspection of Youth Bus
2808Private Schoolbus Requirements
2809California Highway Patrol Scales
2810Inspection to Prevent Theft
2810.1Household Goods Carriers: Vehicle Inspection
2810.2 Agricultural Irrigation Supply Inspection
2811Damage to Fences
2812Closing of Highways
2812.5Commercial Vehicles: Highways: Restricted or Prohibited Use
2813Commercial Vehicle Inspection--Smoke Emissions
2813.5Commercial Vehicle: Inspection Stickers
2814Roadside Inspection--Smog Control Stickers
2814.1Vehicle Inspection Checkpoints
2814.2 Sobriety Checkpoint Inspections
2815Disregard of Nonstudent Crossing Guard
2816Discharge of Children from Youth Bus
2817Disregard of Peace Officer: Funeral Procession
2818Crossing Electronic Beacon, Flare or Cone Patterns

Vehicle Code Table of Contents