California Vehicle Code Division 2 Chapter 6 Article 5 Table of Contents

Division 2 - Administration
Chapter 6. The Department of Motor Vehicles
Article 5. Hearings on Recreational Vehicle Franchise Modification, Replacement, Termination, Refusal to Continue, Establishment, and Relocation, and Consumer Complaints

Table of Contents for Article 5 of Chapter 6 of Division 2 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
3070Termination of Franchise
3071Good Cause
3072Establishing or Relocating Dealerships
3072.5Recreational Vehicle “Line-Make”
3073Good Cause
3074Delivery and Preparation Obligations
3075Warranty Reimbursement
3076Franchisor Incentive Program
3077Additional Fee
3078Consumer Complaints: Referral to Department of Consumer Affairs
3079Application of Article

Vehicle Code Table of Contents