California Vehicle Code Division 3.5 Chapter 2 Table of Contents

Division 3.5. - Registration and Transfer of Vessels
Chapter 2. Registration

Table of Contents for Chapter 2 of Division 3.5 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
9850Numbering of Undocumented Vessels
9851Registration of Public Undocumented Vessels
9852Proof of Ownership
9852.7Transfer of Vessels on Death
9852.9Application for Number: Form Requirements
9853Application for Number: Fees
9853.1Issuance of Certificate of Ownership and Certificate of Number
9853.2Display of Number
9853.3Retention of Certificate of Number for Leased or Rented Vessels
9853.4Stickers, Tabs or Other Devices
9853.5Vessels of Historic Value
9853.6Vessel Registration Fee: Increase
9853.7Application for Number: Retail Sale Requirements
9853.8Penalty: Failure to Comply with Numbering and Emission Requirements
9854Federal or Out-of-State Registration
9855Change of Ownership: Fees
9856Transfer to Dealer
9857Conformity With Federal System
9858Issuance of Certificates: Department or Agent
9858.1Documentary Preparation Charge
9858.5Use Tax Collection by Agent
9859Funds Received by Agent
9860Renewal of Certificates of Number: Fee for Renewal
9861Expiration Date of Certificates of Number
9862Penalties for Delinquency
9862.5Computation of Fees
9863Harbors and Watercraft Fund
9864Wrecked, Dismantled, Destroyed, or Abandoned Undocumented Vessels
9865Change of Address
9866Display of Other Numbers on Bow
9867Fee: Duplicate Certificates or Stickers
9867.5Fee: Unavailable Vessel Certificate of Ownership or Certificate of Number
9869Information to Be Transmitted County Assessor
9870Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Exemption
9871Assignment and Marking of Hull Identification Number
9871.5Registration Renewal: Hull Identification Number
9872Defacing, Destroying or Altering Hull Identification Number
9872.1Hull Identification Number: Violations
9872.5Amphibious Vehicle
9873Undocumented Vessels Not Required to Be Numbered
9874Suspension, Cancellation, Revocation
9880Notice of Delinquent Taxes

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