California Vehicle Code Division 3 Chapter 1 Article 1 Table of Contents

Division 3 - Registration of Vehicles and Certificates of Title
Chapter 1. Original and Renewal Registration; Issuance of Certificates of Title
Article 1. Vehicles Subject to Registration

Table of Contents for Article 1 of Chapter 1 of Division 3 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
4000Registration Required
4000.1Pollution Control Device: Certificate or Statement
4000.2Out-of-State Vehicles: Certificate
4000.3Pollution Control Device: Biennial Certificate
4000.4Registration Required: Primary Use
4000.5Registration of Autoettes
4000.6Commercial Motor Vehicles: Registration: Declared Gross Weight of 10,000 lbs. or More: Inspecton
4000.37Vehicle Registration: Proof of Financial Responsibility
4000.38Financial Responsibility: Insufficiency
4001Registration of Exempt Vehicles
4002Vehicles Exempt Under Permit
4003Vehicles Operated on One-Trip Permit
4003.5Other Vehicles: One-Trip Permit
4004Foreign Commercial Vehicle--Temporary Operation
4004.5Statement of Multiple County Use of Vehicle
4004.7International Registration Plan: Expired Registration: Unladen Operation Permit
4005Special Permit for Disaster Relief Work
4006Vehicle Crossing Highway
4007Interagency Agreement: Temporary Operating Authority
4009Hauled Vehicles
4010Special Construction and Mobile Equipment
4012Cemetary Equipment
4013Forklift Trucks
4014Portable Dolly
4015Firefighting Vehicle
4016Loading and Unloading by Dealer
4017Operation of Vehicle Pending Registration
4018Logging Vehicles
4019Golf Carts
4020Motorized Bicycles
4021Aircraft Refueling Vehicle
4022Registration: Exemption: Repossessed Vehicles
4023Low-Speed Vehicle Registration Exemption

Vehicle Code Table of Contents