California Vehicle Code Division 3 Chapter 1 Article 6.5 Table of Contents

Division 3 - Registration of Vehicles and Certificates of Title
Chapter 1. Original and Renewal Registration; Issuance of Certificates of Title
Article 6.5. Refusal of Registration for Nonpayment of Toll Evasion Penalties

Table of Contents for Article 6.5 of Chapter 1 of Division 3 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
4770Refusal of Registration: Nonpayment of Toll Evasion Penalties
4771Notice of Unpaid Toll Evasion Penalties
4772Disposition of Toll Evasion Penalties
4773Toll Evasion: Administration: Fee Assessment
4773.5Costs of Implementing Toll Evasion Procedure: Reimbursement
4774Notification of Non-Collection of Toll Evasion Penalties
4775Toll Evasion Penalties: Obligation to Pay

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