California Vehicle Code Division 3 Chapter 4 Article 1 Table of Contents

Division 3 - Registration of Vehicles and Certificates of Title
Chapter 4. Permits to Nonresident Owners
Article 1. Exemption of Nonresidents

Table of Contents for Article 1 of Chapter 4 of Division 3 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
6700Use of Foreign License Plates: Limitation
6700.1In-Transit Permit
6700.2Exemption for Nonresident Daily Commuters
6700.3Application Requirements
6700.4Display of Indicia
6700.25Nonresident Commuter Indicia
6701Exemption of Person in Military Service and Spouse
6702Use of Foreign License Plates By Resident Business
6703Use of Foreign License Discharge From Military

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