California Vehicle Code Division 3 Chapter 6 Article 2 Table of Contents

Division 3 - Registration of Vehicles and Certificates of Title
Chapter 6. Registration and Weight Fees
Article 2. Registration Fees

Table of Contents for Article 2 of Chapter 6 of Division 3 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
9250_1Registration Fee: Increase
9250.2Fee: Sacramento Air Quality District
9250.4Fee: Countywide Transportation Planning Agencies: Traffic Congestion Management
9250.5Fee: San Mateo County: Traffic Congestion and Stormwater Pollution Management
9250.7Service Fee for Abandoned Abatement
9250.8Fee for Law Enforcement
9250.9California Highway Patrol Law Enforcement Account: Use of Additional Fee
9250.10Fee: Service Authority For Freeway Emergencies
9250.11South Coast Air Quality Management District: Registration Fees
9250.12Registration Fee Surcharge: San Francisco
9250.13Additional Fee for California Highway Patrol
9250.14Fee: Vehicle Theft Deterrence, Investigation, and Prosecution; Prosecution of Driving Under the Influence
9250.15Service Fee: Apportioned Vehicle Registration
9250.16San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District
9250.17Fee: Air Pollution Control Districts
9250.18Gross Polluters: Administrative Fees
9250.19Vehicles: Fees: Fingerprint Identification
9252Vehicles Purchased New or Registered Outside State
9254Certificate Without Registration
9255Transfer of Registration
9255.1Service Fee: Rebuilt of Former Police or Taxi Vehicle
9255.2Total Loss Salvage Vehicles and Dismantled Vehicles: Inspection Fee
9255.3Title Transfer Fee: Forfeited Vehicle
9255.5Fee: Unavailable Certificates
9256Filing Chattel Mortgage
9257Installation of Engine or Motor
9257.5Fee: Temporary Permit
9258One-trip Permit
9258.5One-Trip Permit: Trailer or Semitrailer
9259Fleet Vehicle Device Fee
9259.3Additional Operating Area or Registration: Fee for Optional Telephone Service
9259.5Fee for Optional Telephone Service
9260Fees for Permits: Limited Term of Trip Permit
9261Fee for Identification Plate: Exception
9261.1Identification Plate Fee: Increase
9262Fees: License and Special Plates
9262.5Dealer and Lessor-Retailer Licenses: Use of Fees
9263Investigation Service Fee
9265Duplicates: Fees
9266Schoolbus Lessors: Temporary Permit Fee
9266.5Monthly Fees for Temporary Permit for Privately Owned Schoolbus
9268Motorcycles: Original Registration
9269Licensed Automobile Dismantler: Waiver of Fees and Penalties
9270Fee to Expedite Completion of Services
9271Inspection Fees

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