California Vehicle Code Division 5 Chapter 1 Table of Contents

Division 5 - Occupational Licensing
Chapter 1. Driving Schools and Driving Instructors

Table of Contents for Chapter 1 of Division 5 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
11100License Required
11100.1All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Instruction
11100.5Certification by Department of Education
11101Schools and Persons Exempt
11102Requirements for Driving School Owner or Principal in All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Training Organization
11102.1Refund of Cash Deposit or Release of Bond upon Cessation of Business
11102.5Requirements for Driving School Operators
11103Insurance Requirements: Driving School or Independent Instructor
11103.1Insurance Requirements: All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Training Organization
11103.2Worker's Compensation Requirements: Driving School Owner
11104Requirements for Driving Instructor
11104.3Requirements for All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Instructors
11104.5Application for License
11104.6Application for License
11105Issuance and Renewal of Licenses: Owner or Operator
11105.1Issuances and Renewal of Licenses: Instructor
11105.3Expired License: Reapplication
11105.5Independent Driving Instructor
11105.6All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Training Organization: License
11106Temporary Permit
11107Refusal to Issue License
11108Records of Licensee
11108.5Change of Ownership, Location, or Residence
11109Vehicles of Licensee
11110Revocation and Suspension of Licenses
11110.1Revocation or Suspension of License: Additional Causes
11110.2Cancellation of School Owner's License
11110.5Cancellation of License When Issued In Error or Surrendered
11110.7Interim Refusal to Issue or Suspension of License
11111Notice and Hearing Before Cancellation, Suspension or Revocation of License
11111.2Service of Process
11111.5Filing of Accusation: Compromise Settlement
11112Hearings: Refusal to Issue
11113Conduct of Courses: Rules and Regulations
11113.3Additional Curriculum Requirements
11113.5Standards for Licensing And Control: Rules and Regulations

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