California Vehicle Code Division 5 Chapter 1.5 Table of Contents

Division 5 - Occupational Licensing
Chapter 1.5. Traffic Violator Schools

Table of Contents for Chapter 1.5 of Division 5 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
11200License Required
11202Requirements For Traffic Violator School Owners
11202.5Requirements for Traffic Violator School Operators
11203Bond Substitute
11203.5Cause of Action Against Owner and Bond
11204Issuance and Renewal of Licenses
11205 Internet Web Site List of Traffic Violator Schools
11205.1Court-Approved Driving Instruction Attendance Fee
11205.2 Traffic Assistance Programs
11205.4Licensed Traffic Violator Schools: Monitoring
11206Requirements For Traffic Violator School Instructors
11206.5Application for License
11207Issuance and Renewal of Licenses
11208.5 Annual Report to the Legislature
11209Expired License: Renewal
11210Temporary Permit
11211Refusal to Issue License
11212Records of Licensees
11213Change of Ownership, Location, or Residence
11214Monitoring Schools
11215Suspension of Revocation of Licenses
11215.5Suspension or Revocation: Additional Grounds
11215.7Suspension or Revocation of License: Additional Causes
11216Cancellation of Licenses
11216.2Automatic Suspension: Discrimination Against Individuals with Disabilities
11216.5Interim Refusal to Issue or Suspension of License
11217Notice and Hearing Before Suspension or Revocation
11217.5Service of Process
11218Compromise Settlement Agreement
11219Conduct of Courses: Rules and Regulations
11219.3Additional Curriculum Requirements
11219.5Issuance of Receipts
11222Contract with Nongovernmental Agency

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