California Vehicle Code Division 5 Chapter 4 Article 1 Table of Contents

Division 5 - Occupational Licensing
Chapter 4. Manufacturers, Transporters, Dealers, and Salesmen
Article 1. Issuance of Licenses and Certificates to Manufacturers, Transporters, and Dealers

Table of Contents for Article 1 of Chapter 4 of Division 5 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
11700License or Temporary Permit Required
11700.2Dealer's License: Autobroker's Endorsement: Requirements and Prohibitions
11700.3Prohibition Against Aiding or Abetting Unlawful Activity
11701Application for License
11702Issuance or Refusal of License
11703Refusal to Issue: Grounds
11703.1Refusal to Issue: Additional Grounds
11703.2Refusal to Issue: Unsatisfied Final Judgment
11703.4Additional Grounds for Refusal
11704Application for License
11704.5License and Renewal: Education and Examination Requirement
11704.7License: Examination Fee
11705Suspension or Revocation
11705.4Suspension or Revocation: Warranty Violation
11706Temporary Suspension
11707Compromise Settlement Agreement
11708Refusal to Issue License and Special-Plates Hearings
11709Established Place of Business: Posting
11709.1Notice to Public: Inspection of Vehicle
11709.2Notice to Public: Contract Cancellation Option
11709.3Advertising Requirements: Vehicles for Sale
11709.4Vehicles: Obtained in Trade by Dealer: Prior Credit or Lease Balance
11710Bond; Service of Process
111710.1Lower Bond Amount: Specified Wholesale-Only Dealers
11710.2Return of Cash Deposit
11711Fraud and Other Violations of Law: Failure to Pay for Vehicles: Priority of Claims
11711.3Unlicensed Dealer or Lessor-Retailer Activity
11712Change of Established Place of Business
11712.5Motorcycle and Light Duty Truck Sales: Required Price Information
11713Unlawful Acts
11713.1Additional Unlawful Acts: Dealers
11713.2Additional Unlawful Acts
11713.3Additional Unlawful Acts; Vehicle Manufacturers and Distributors
11713.4Refund of Excess Fees by Dealer
11713.5Unlawful Representation of Vehicle Year Model
11713.6Additional Unlawful Acts: Dealers: Tire Chains
11713.7Disclosure: Remanufactured Vehicle
11713.8Unlawful Acts: Remanufacturer
11713.9Disclosure: Engine Manufacturer
11713.10Low-Speed Vehicle Dealer Disclosure
11713.11Additional Unlawful Acts: Dealer Advertising
11713.12Lemon Law Buyback: Decal Location
11713.13Additional Unlawful Acts: Vehicle Manufacturers and Distributors: Dealers
11713.14Dealer Sale: Public Auction: Purchaser's Rights and Remedies
11713.15Recreational Vehicle Show: Temporary Branch License Requirements
11713.16Vehicle Sales: Unlawful Advertising
11713.17Front License Plate Bracket
11713.18Advertising Certified "Used" Vehicles
11713.19Disclosure and Consent for Additional Goods and Services
11713.20Notification of Credit Score
11713.21Used Vehicle Sale: Contract Cancellation Option
11713.22Written Franchise Agreement: Recreational Vehicles
11713.23Sale of New Recreational Vehicle: Written Recreational Vehicle Franchise
11713.25Computer Vendor: Consumer Data
11713.26 Used Vehicle Sale: National Motor Vehicle Title Information System Vehicle History Report
11714Issuance of License, Special Plates, and Forms: Prohibited Sales
11715Operation With Special Plates: Exceptions
11716Operation Without Registration: Permit
11717Expiration and Renewal of Special Plates and License
11718Issuance of Probationary License
11719Temporary Permit
11720Certificate of Convenience
11721Automatic Cancellation
11722Financing Agency
11723License Fees: Exception
11724Repossession: Subsequent Assignment
11725Removal of Motor Vehicle to Foreign Jurisdiction for Registration or Sale
11726Recovery of Damages; Injunctive Relief
11727Revocation or Suspension of License
11728Compromise Settlement Agreement: Monetary Penalties
11729Consignment Agreement Required
11730Consignment Agreement: Requirements
11735Autobroker's Endorsement to Dealer's License
11736Brokering: Unlawful Acts
11737Brokering: Purchase Deposits: Trust Account
11738Brokering Agreement: Form and Contents
11739Brokered Retail New Motor Vehicle Sale: Dealer and Manufacturer Responsibilities
11740Remedies and Penalties: Cumulative

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