California Vehicle Code Division 6 Chapter 1 Article 3 Table of Contents

Division 6 - Driver's Licenses
Chapter 1. Issuance of Licenses, Expiration, and Renewal
Article 3. Issuance and Renewal of Licenses

Table of Contents for Article 3 of Chapter 1 of Division 6 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
12800.5Driver License: Full Face Photographs: Sale of Information Prohibited: Required Notice
12800.7Verification of Name and Address
12801Social Security Number Required
12801.5Verification of Citizenship or Legal Residence
12801.6 Driver Licenses: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program
12801.7Driver's Licenses: Deported Aliens
12801.8Driver's Licenses: Legal Nonimmigrants
12801.9 Verification of Identity and Residency
12801.10 Commercial Driver License: Social Security Number Required
12801.11 Driver Licenses: Operative Date
12802Signature and Verification
12802.5Alcohol Warning
12803Examinations for License
12804.2Hazardous Materials Certificate: Exemptions
12804.5Change of Class of Minor's License
12804.6Transit Bus Driver's Certificate
12804.7Implement's of Husbandry: Exemption
12804.8Departmental Studies: Incompetent or Unqualified Drivers
12804.9Examination and Driving Test: Classifications
12804.10Noncommercial Class B License with House Car Endorsement
12804.11 Firefighter Endorsement
12804.12Restricted Class A License
12804.14Restricted License: Towing Livestock Trailer
12804.15Application for House Car Endorsement
12805Grounds Requiring Refusal of License
12806Grounds Permitting Refusal of License
12806.5Suspension or Revocation: Driver Certificate
12807Additional Grounds for Refusal
12808Record of Applicant
12808.1Refusal of License
12809Grounds Permitting Refusal
12810Violation Point Count
12810.2Violation Point Count: Exception
12810.3Violation Point: Wireless Telephone and Communications Device Use
12810.4Violation Point Count: Gridlock
12810.5Negligent Operator: Violation Points
12811Issuance and Contents of License
12811.1Medical Information Card
12812Course of Employment Restricted License
12813Restricted Licenses
12814Renewal of Licenses
12814.5License Extension: Renewal by Mail Programs
12814.6Provisional License for Minors: Distinctive Driver's License
12814.7Provisional License for Minors: California National Guard
12815Licenses Lost. Destroyed, or Mutilated
12816Term of License: Period for Renewal
12817Persons in the Armed Forces
12819Failure to Request Reexamination

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