California Vehicle Code Division 6 Chapter 4 Table of Contents

Division 6 - Driver's Licenses
Chapter 4. Violation of License Provisions

Table of Contents for Chapter 4 of Division 6 of the California Vehicle Code
Section Number Section Title
14600Change of Address
14601Driving When Privilege Suspended or Revoked
14601.1Driving When Privilege Suspended or Revoked for Other Reasons
14601.2Driving When Privilege Suspended or Revoked for Driving Under the Influence, With Excessive Blood Alcohol, or When Addicted
14601.3Habitual Traffic Offender
14601.4Driving When Privilege Suspended or Revoked Causing Injury: Special Penalties
14601.5Driving When Privilege Suspended or Revoked for Refusing Chemical Test or Driving with Excessive Blood Alcohol
14601.8Service of Sentence
14602 Vehicle Impoundment: Sobriety Checkpoints
14602.1Vehicle Pursuit Data: Report
14602.5Vehicle Impound: Class M1 or M2
14602.6Vehicle Impoundment: Suspended, Revoked or Unlicensed Driver: Hearing
14602.7Vehicle Impoundment: Fleeing a Peace Officer
14602.8Vehicles: DUI: Impoundment
14602.9Vehicle Impoundment:  Charter-Party Carriers
14603Violation of License Restrictions
14604Use of a Vehicle by an Unlicensed Driver: Owner's Duty
14605Operation of Motor Vehicles in Parking Facility
14606Employment of Person to Drive Motor Vehicle
14607Permitting Unlicensed Minor to Drive
14607.4Legislative Findings
14607.6Impoundment and Forfeiture of Motor Vehicles
14607.8Identification by Court: Motor Vehicle Subject to Forfeiture
14608Rental of Vehicles
14609Records of Rental
14610Unlawful Use of License
14610.1Identification Documents: Prohibited
14610.5Unlawful Examination Aids
14610.7Unlawful Issuance of License or Identification Card
14611Unlawful Direction of Vehicle With Radioactive Materials

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