Department of Motor Vehicles Small Business Advocates

The Department of Motor Vehicles has historically taken an aggressive approach to use small businesses and DVBE's in the procurement of goods and services.

To facilitate this participation level, the Small Business Advocate will assist department procurement and contract staff in identifying small businesses and DVBEs that can provide required commodities or services. All procurement and contracting staff will demonstrate a "good faith effort" by attempting to satisfy procurement and contracting needs through certified small business or DVBE vendors prior to contacting other resources.

Department of Motor Vehicles Small Business Advocates:

John Reule
SB/DVBE Advocate
2415 First Avenue
Sacramento CA 95818
Phone (916) 657-8773

The Department's Small Business/DVBE Advocacy Program is responsible for receiving and responding to complaints received by the Department from small businesses; providing technical advice and assisting small businesses in resolving problems and questions; and reporting small business concerns and recommendations to the Director. Also, they are responsible for promoting state contracting and procurement possibilities and the rules and regulations as they relate to and impact small businesses and disabled veteran business enterprises.

It's Great to Do Business with SMALL BUSINESS!

Use the links below for information on the Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program at DMV.