Employer Pull Notice EPN Program Government Employers

How to enroll

Government entities interested in enrolling in the EPN program should contact the Information Services' Account Processing Unit at (916) 657-5564.

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Enrolling California Licensed Drivers

The "Government Employer Pull Notice" form (INF 1103) is to be used either for enrolling or deleting drivers. Do not combine enrolling and deleting drivers on the same form.

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Enrolling Out-of State Licensed Drivers

When adding drivers who hold licenses from other states but drive in California, you must use the "Government Employer Pull Notice Driver Licensed Out-of-State" form (INF 1103A). An index number ("X" number) will be assigned in place of a California driver license number for tracking purposes.

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Requesting Records (Government Drivers)

A government employer may request a copy of a driver record for a prospective hire or a casual driver by:

  1. Completing governmental agency record request form (INF 254). For more information see requesting forms.
  2. Require the prospective hire or casual driver to purchase their own driver record for $5 at their local DMV field office.
  3. Request a driver record using your standard government request process (i.e., on-line or batch process). (See Electronic Methods)
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Deleting Drivers

Pursuant to CVC 1808.1 (d) , immediately upon termination of employment, employers must notify the department to delete the terminated driver by completing the "Government Employer Pull Notice Enrollment or Deletion of Drivers" form (INF 1103). Employers with drivers who are licensed in another state are deleted by using the assigned index number ("X" number).

Note: Deletions not promptly reported may result in unnecessary driver records being sent. Deletions will be handled on a priority basis.

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Per California Vehicle Code Section 1812 , there is no charge to government, including law enforcement, EPN account holders.

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Account Changes

Any changes (i.e., name, address, contact person, telephone number, etc.) should be submitted on your department letterhead. Changes must be submitted within 10 days of occurrence to avoid delays in receiving the generated "Driver Record Report" or possible closure due to the department receiving returned, unclaimed mail.

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"Remarks" Changes

If you wish to change the "remarks" for a driver enrolled in the program, you must submit the "Government Employer Pull Notice" form (INF 1103) with a notation across the top that states "This is a change of remarks only".