Application Requirements for a Driving School Owner's License

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Driving School Handbook (PDF)

Driver Education Curriculum

Driver Education Lesson Plan (guidelines)(PDF)


Driving School Owner License Forms and Fees


An application for a driving school owner license consists of the following forms:

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The following documents are also required as part of the application package:

  • Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited Liability Partnership owned businesses only: A copy of Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Minutes or other document filed with the Secretary of State, which identifies the officers, share holders and managers with 10% or more interest in the business is required.
  • Copy of your City and/or County Business License
  • Copy of your Fictitious Name Statement
  • Copy of your rental or lease agreement

Original Application Fees

  • $150 Non-refundable application
  • $1 Family Support Program fee
  • $70 For each branch license or license modification
  • $15 Duplicate or replacement license

If you plan to issue student licenses:

  • $50 Book of 25 student licenses ($2.00 each)

An application must be completed within one year or a new application with all examinations and fees will be required.  The Family Support Program fee is paid on original, renewal, and reinstatement applications.

The license to own a driving school does not include the right to give instruction.

Driving School Owner License Renewal Forms and Fees



  • $1 Family Support Program fee
  • $50  Renewal application fee
  • $50  Renewal of branch location (each location)

The Family Support Program fee is paid on original, renewal, and reinstatement applications. 

Driving School Owner License Modification Forms and Fees


Driving School Owner Licensing Authority

California Vehicle Code. Sections 223, 310.6, 310.8, 311, 320 (a), 1651, 1670, 1671, and 11100 to 11114. The California Vehicle Code is available for purchase from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

California Code of Regulations.  Title 13, Chapter 1.

Education Code. Sections 41913-41919, 51220, and 51852.

Government Code. Section 6157 (a) - (d).

Labor Code. Section 3700.  

Application Questions and Submission Information

Please refer to the Driving School Handbook

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