Clean Air Vehicle Decal

Effective September 16, 2013, dealers selling new vehicles that are eligible for white and green Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) decals can obtain decals in advance of selling the vehicles. The CAV decals allow vehicles to be operated by a single occupant in the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes of California’s freeways. The CAV decals are valid until January 1, 2019, or until federal authorization expires.

For a listing of qualifying vehicles, visit California Air Resources Board.

To apply, new vehicle car dealers must complete a New Vehicle Dealer Application for Clean Air Decals (REG 1000 D) and submit a fee ($8 per vehicle) to the department for processing. A maximum of 10 decals may be listed per application and more than one application may be submitted at one time. At the point of sale, the customer must complete the Application for Clean Air Vehicle Decal (REG 1000) to transfer the decal to the new owner.

New Vehicle Dealer Instructions:

To apply for CAV decals in advance, the new vehicle dealer must:

  • Complete a New Vehicle Dealer Application for Clean Air Vehicle Decals (REG 1000 D) form as follows:
    • SECTION 1—DEALER INFORMATION—Enter the business name, dealer number, and dealer physical business address (include mailing address, if different).
    • SECTION 2—NEW VEHICLE INFORMATION—Enter the vehicle identification number, year, make, model, motive power code, and the check the box for a white or green decal for each vehicle.
    • SECTION 3—CERTIFICATION (SIGNATURE REQUIRED)—Enter the authorized dealer employee’s name, telephone number, date, and signature.
  • Submit a single check or money order made payable to DMV for payment in full ($8 fee per vehicle).
  • Mail the completed REG 1000 D and payment to the address on the REG 1000 D (CAV decals are only issued from DMV headquarters).
  • Allow 14 business days for CAV decals to be delivered by Golden State Overnight.

When an eligible vehicle is sold, the dealer must:

  • Ensure the new vehicle owner receives the Clean Air Decal Certificate and decals.
  • Verify that the certificate and decals match the vehicle identification number for the vehicle being sold.
  • Itemize on line “2D-Other” of the sales contract the $8 fee charged for the CAV decals. If the fee is not charged to the customer, it should not be itemized on the sales contract.
  • Not required the new vehicle owner to complete an Application for Clean Air Vehicle Decal (REG 1000) form.

IMPORTANT: If the dealer has not applied for CAV decals for the vehicle, the dealer must inform the customer to apply for the decals directly from DMV by completing a REG 1000 and pay the $8 fee. The form and instructions can be found on the DMV website at The REG 1000 D is available through first-line service providers.

Business Partner Automation Program Instructions:

  • Process applications for new vehicle registration as normal following current procedures in the BPA Transaction Procedures and Inventory Requirements Handbook, Chapter 1.

For additional information, see the following frequently asked questions (FAQ):

What vehicles are eligible for white or green decals?

  • White CAV decals are available to an unlimited number of qualifying vehicle that meets California’s super ultra-low emission vehicle (SULEV) standard for exhaust emissions and federal inherently low-emission (ILEV) evaporative emission standard. A 2004 model-year or older vehicle that meets the California ultra-low vehicle (ULEV) standard for exhaust emission and federal ILEV standard.
  • Green CAV decals are available to the first 40,000 applications that purchase or lease vehicles meeting California’s Enhanced Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (enhanced AT PZEV) or Transitional Zero-Emission Vehicle (TZEV) standard.

How many CAV decals can I order?

  • Up to 10 CAV decals can be requested per application form. More than one application may be submitted at one time.

How long will I wait before I receive the CAV decals?

  • It will take the Department of Motor Vehicles up to 14 business days to process the application and send you the stickers.

May I order more CAV decals than I currently need?

  • No. Each CAV decal request requires a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of an eligible vehicle. The CAV decal provided will correspond with the VIN of the eligible vehicle. This must be recorded by the DMV when processing the application.

After receiving the CAV decals at the dealership, how long do I have to place the decal on the eligible vehicle?

  • Once the dealership receives the CAV decal, it means that the decal serial number has been assigned to the vehicle and will not be useable until the decal has been affixed to the vehicle. The dealer can place the decal on the vehicle before it is sold or give the decal to the purchaser at the point of sale.

Can I apply the CAV decals onto applicable vehicles in the showroom?

  • Yes. Dealers will be able to purchase the decals in advance and affix them to eligible vehicles that have not yet been sold.

What happens if I sell and deliver a vehicle after applying for the sticker, but before the sticker is received?

  • Once the decal is received, it can be mailed to the customer, or the customer can pick up at the dealership.

What if I sell a vehicle that does not have the sticker, but another similar showroom model has one. Can I reassign the sticker to the sold vehicle?

  • No. Each decal is assigned to a specific VIN and is non-transferrable.

Can I pass the $8 CAV decal fee on to the customer?

  • Yes. The dealer may pass on the $8 fee to the customer, it must be disclosed on the retail installment sale contract or lease agreement.
  • On the 553-CA in the “Amounts Paid to Public Officials” Section, on Line 2.D. “Other”, as “DMV HOV Lane Sticker Fee.”
  • On a lease agreement, on the blank line in either the “Itemization of Amount Due At Lease Signing” or “Itemization of Gross Capitalized Cost” Section (whichever appropriate), insert “DMV HOV Lane Sticker Fee”.

What if the decal becomes lost or destroyed before I have a chance to affix it onto the eligible vehicle? May I order another one?

  • If one of the decals becomes lost or destroyed, all remaining decals having the same serial number must be returned to the DMV (three white decals or four green decals) and the dealer must apply for a new decal set. This can be done by submitting a completed REG 1000 form with Section D completed.

May I use the CAV decal in my advertising material?

  • Dealerships may advertise ‘HOV Lane Stickers available at dealership”.
  • Dealerships may not advertise decals as “free” or “included with purchase”.