Registering a Vessel Previously Registered Out of State Checklist

A vessel from out-of-state must be registered within 120 days of the date of entry into California if the state of principal use changes from another state to California. The registration requirements are:

A completed Application for Registration Number Certificate of Ownership and Certificate of Number for Undocumented Vessel (BOAT 101).

Proof of ownership, such as the title issued by another state or the original or certified copy of a conditional sales contract or security interest showing the buyer's name and any lienholder and marked "PAID" and countersigned.

Any bills of sale needed to establish a complete chain of ownership.

A Vessel Registration Fee.

If the vessel was last registered in a state that does not issue a title for vessels, you will also need:

The out-of-state Certificate of Number.

If the vessel was imported from a foreign country, you will also need:

Foreign documents describing the vessel. This may be a bill of sale to the vessel owner or a bill of lading.

The U.S. Customs receipt in the owner's name.

Additional information regarding vessel registration.