Window Decals for Vehicles with Wheelchair Lifts

Window decals are currently available for vehicles that have a wheelchair lift or carrier obstructing the view of the rear license plate. The decal has a white background with black numbers and/or letters matching the vehicle license plate configuration. The decal is placed on the rear window of the vehicle.

To request a decal you must either:

  • have a disabled person placard,
  • transport person(s) with a disabled person placard,
  • have a vehicle with disabled person license plates, or
  • have a vehicle with disabled veteran license plates.

To apply for a decal:

  • Your vehicle must have a wheelchair lift or carrier that obstructs the view of the rear license plate.
  • You must complete a Statement of Facts (REG 256) stating:
  • your request for the window decal,
  • your placard number or disabled person/disabled veteran license plate number,
  • the license plate number of the vehicle that will have the decal affixed to it,
  • the vehicle identification number,
  • year and make of the vehicle,
  • mailing address, name, and signature.
  • The decals are available at no cost.

Mail the REG 256 to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Special Processing Unit
P.O. Box 932345 Mail Station D238
Sacramento, CA 94232-3450

Do not submit your application to a field office. The decal will be mailed to you within six to eight weeks.