Vehicles For Exportation

What is Required When a Vehicle is to be Exported?

To export a vehicle you must:

  • Sign and present your completed Certification for Exportation (REG 32) in person at a DMV office (all registered owners whose names are joined by "and" or a slash (/) must be present and have signed the REG 32). The REG 32 form is available at any DMV office.

    NOTE: If the REG 32 is signed by power of attorney, the attorney-in-fact must be present in the office and submit a power of attorney worded specifically to complete the REG 32 or either the original or a photocopy of a general power of attorney.

  • Provide a clear title to the vehicle to be exported (the title must be in the name(s) of the registered owner(s) submitting the REG 32). If there is a lien holder, line 2 of the title must contain a lien release or a completed Lien Satisfied (REG 166) must be submitted.

    NOTE: A Salvage Certificate, Application for Duplicate Title, Notice of Vehicle Aquisition, and Bill of Sale cannot be used in lieu of a title.

  • Provide your California driver license or identification card.
  • You will also need court clearances for unpaid citations.

    NOTE: Military personnel exporting vehicles via a regular carrier must submit a REG 32 and comply with all of the above requirements.