Vehicle Registration and Vessel Fees


All fees are subject to changes in the law and may vary depending on your particular application or transaction. Use fee information for an estimation of fees due only.

Permit fees

Type of Permit


California Fuel Tax Trip Permit (BOE 123)


Clean Air Vehicle Sticker Fee (original or replacement) (VC §§5205.5, 21655.9)


CVRA Weight Stickers/CVRA Year Sticker (original or replacement)


Foreign Resident In-Transit Permit (VC §6700.1 & R&TC §6366.2)


Unladen Weight Permit (REG 4030) (Issued to vehicles either deleted from IRP
or with expired IRP registration in order to seek employment)


Motorcycle Transportation Permit (VC §38232)


Nonresident Commercial Vehicle Trip Permit (REG 41-power unit)


Nonresident Daily Commuter (VC §§6700.25 & 6700.3)


One Trip Permit (REG 402) (VC §9258)


Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Parking Sticker (VC §22511)