Vehicle Registration and Vessel Fees

Vehicle License Fee (VLF) (Revenue & Taxation Code §§10751, 10752, 10755)

All fees are subject to changes in the law and may vary depending on your particular application or transaction. Use fee information for an estimation of fees due only.

The VLF was established by the Legislature in 1935 in lieu of a property tax on vehicles. The formula for VLF assessment established by the Legislature is based upon the purchase price of the vehicle or the value of the vehicle when acquired. The VLF decreases with each renewal for the first 11 years. The VLF is prorated if the assignment/reassignment of a registration year results in a registration year of less than 12 months.

The DMV returns almost all vehicle license fee revenue to the cities and counties. For more details on how your VLF money is used, contact your local city or county government officials.