Step 2: Configure Personalized Plate

Please correct the following error(s):

Create Personalized License Plate Number
  • Select letters, numbers, and spaces for your license plate.
  • Select a blank character in a drop-down list to add a full space.
  • Click a check box or select "/" in a drop-down list to add a half space. You are allowed one check box half space. You are allowed multiple drop-down menu half space symbols ("/"); however, your plate may not contain 2 half spaces in a row.
  • The number '69' is reserved for 1969 year model vehicles.
  • After you receive your postcard to pick up your plates, make an
    appointment online or call 1-800-777-0133.

is your Type Vehicle selected.

Your license plate must have at least 2 characters.

Select License Plate Message

Selected Plate Message

License Plate lettering and letter placement may vary on actual plate.

Please Note

The Department has the right to refuse any combination of letters and/or letters and numbers that may carry connotations offensive to good taste and decency, or which would be misleading, or in conflict with any license plate series now issued. Substituting numbers for letters, or vice versa, may be confused with an existing plate.

The availability of the license plate configuration you reserve on this site is subject to final approval by DMV.