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Special Interest License Plate

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Terms & Acknowledgement



  1. The license plate ordered will be assigned to a vehicle in my possession.
  2. The number "69" is reserved only for 1969 year model vehicles that the license plates will be placed upon.
  3. Once a license plate is purchased (ordered), no refunds will be issued unless the plate configuration is denied.
The availability of the license plate selection you reserve on this site is subject to final approval by DMV.

Rights to Refuse Plate Selection

California Code of Regulations, Title 13, Article 3.3, Special Interest License Plates

When a desired configuration is not available, a letter shall not be substituted for a number, nor shall a number be substituted for a letter, to create another configuration of a similar appearance. (For example: NICE already issued; cannot replace the letter "I" with the number "1" to obtain N1CE)

Refused Configurations

The department shall refuse any configuration that would be misleading or is any of the following:

  1. The configuration has a sexual connotation.
  2. The configuration is a vulgar term or a term of prejudice or hostility.
  3. The configuration is a swear word or term considered profane or obscene.
  4. The configuration misrepresents a law enforcement entity.
  5. The configuration has been deleted from regular series license plates.
  6. The configuration is a foreign or slang word or term, or is a phonetic spelling or mirror image of a word or term falling into the categories described in subdivisions 1 through 5 above.

Annual Renewal Fees

When a plate is on a registered vehicle, you will be charged an Annual Plate Renewal Fee at the time of renewal. If the plate is not on a registered vehicle, you must pay an Annual Retention Fee to retain your interest in the license plate.

Plate Issuance

If the requested configuration is approved, the license plates will be assigned to the vehicle selected and mailed to the address on record. The vehicle selected must be currently registered and not in a status that would prevent the assignment of the license plates. (i.e. planned non-operation, suspended registration, pending transfer of ownership, etc.). If the personalized plates are unable to be assigned to the vehicle, a notification will be sent. Failure to resolve the registration status indicated on the notification within 60 days will result in the plates being destroyed and the selection made available to others. No refunds will be issued.


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