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Contact Center Optimization
By optimizing the DMV contact centers, the department saved $2.8 million in phone charges, primarily by implementing a 100% callback feature, reducing annual call minutes by 183 million minutes. The new technology saves $700K in overtime pay because the feature clears out the call queue more efficiently. The DMV benefited from $3.5 million in overall annual savings, and a reduction in customer wait time for a call back from 37 minutes in October of 2021, to 8 minutes in September of 2022.

Multilingual Virtual Interpreter
The DMV is using a Google Cloud Platform based solution for bi-directional, real-time language detection and translation for use in DMV field offices throughout the state. This new solution allows non-English speaking customers to have live conversations in their native language, translated in real-time, promoting efficiency in processing transactions and enhancing the overall customer experience. It also adds to current translation services offered in field offices which include multilingual staff translation, three-way telephone calls with a translation service provider, and a future appointment with an in-person interpreter.

Disabled Person Parking Placard Attestation Automation
To comply with changing legislation and reduce fraudulent use of Disabled Person Parking Placards, the DMV introduced a new renewal certification process impacting 2.6 million customers, who share a common renewal date. To handle the spike during renewal season, the DMV created an online mobile certification and traditional mail-based processes using Webforms, E-signature, Workflow Automation, and OCR capabilities. The DMV handled one million returns (57% by mail, 43% online) in January, putting the DMV ahead of schedule and showing how customer convenience and operationally efficient do not need to be mutually exclusive.

AI-Based Virtual Assistant
The AI-based Virtual Assistant helps end users fill out forms correctly. The DMV has designed about 400 forms to assist users with completing specific processes, like a title transfer. Since DMV forms can serve multiple purposes, completing them correctly can be challenging. The AI-based Virtual Assistant guides end users conversationally to correctly complete a form and produces a PDF replica of the completed form. This reduces paper usage, errors, and delays.

Machine Learning BOT for Screening Special License Plate
The DMV introduced Machine Learning (ML) and a bot aided process for screening personalized license plate orders. The new model reviews more than 11,000 requested plate configurations each month by evaluating complex DMV rules, public repositories and policies, and profanity checks, before recommending whether the plate configuration is acceptable. If approved, bots assign the license plates to vehicles. The DMV is the first the nation to introduce ML aided automation for this process, which doubles productivity, reduces review time by 60 percent and costs by 50 percent. We are collaborating with Alaska’s DMV to build a shared ML model across multiple States.

Mobile Tech
This interdepartmental initiative between the DMV, CA Department of Corrections (CDCR) and the Department of Social Services (DSS) benefits individuals who are soon to be released from state prison and the unhoused, who require identification to gain assistance through various government organizations. This initiative streamlines the manual, paper-based process of issuing ID cards to both eligible inmates released from CDCR facilities and the unhoused receiving support through DSS. It increases efficiency by transforming business and technology processes to provide state-of-the-art mobile and online services, and automated business processes.

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