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DMV’s Research & Development Branch has been conducting research and producing studies and reports since the 1950s. Research & Development reports help DMV to measure the impact of new laws on making drivers safer. We also identify areas where we can improve our processes, explore new approaches to solving existing problems, and branch out into new opportunities to serve you better. 

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393 Results

Report ID Date Published Title Section Links
25 1966/ 06

Control of the Negligent Driver–Part III: Six Year After Action Driving Record

By: G. van Oldenbeek & Ronald S. Coppin

To examine the percentage of drivers who either remained in or returned to the negligent driver category after original action; to arrive at a profile of the drivers who remained negligent drivers.

27 1968/ 04

Projected Motor Vehicle and Trailer Registration by County, 1967-1980

By: Peck, van Oldenbeck, Marsh, McBride, Harrington, Harano, & Wademan

To prepare a set of estimated vehicle registrations to 1980, by county, for each of the four classes of vehicles --passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers.

28 1968/ 07

The California Motorcycle Study – Driver and Accident Characteristics

By: Richard M. Harano & Raymond C. Peck

To evaluate the extent of the motorcycle problem and pinpoint possible problem areas which could be explored by future research.

29 1976/ 07

The California Driver Fact Book

By: California Department of Motor Vehicles

To provide a quick reference for traffic safety personnel and related program administrators.

30 1969/ 08

Modifying Negligent Driving Behavior Through Warning Letters

By: Robin S. McBride & Raymond C. Peck

To investigate the relative impact of various types of warning letters on the subsequent driving record of negligent drivers. Levels of threat and intimacy were manipulated.

31 1970/ 03

Projected Motor Vehicle Registration and Drivers Licenses Outstanding, 1970-85

By: Raymond C. Peck, William C. Marsh, Robin S. McBride, David M. Harrington, Richard M. Harano, Fredrick M. Wademan, & Ronald R. Payne

To prepare a set of estimated vehicle registrations to 1985, by county, for each of the four classes of vehicles --passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and trailers.

33 1970/ 07

Prediction of Driving Behavior Following a Group Driver Improvement Session

By: Robin S. McBride

To determine the extent to which driving record subsequent to a driver improvement meeting could be predicted from a personality test and biographical questionnaire.

34 1970/ 06

Traffic Violations by Type, Age, Sex, and Marital Status

By: David M. Harrington & Robin S. McBride

To examine how the distribution of violation types varies with such basic demographic variables as age, sex, and marital status.

35 1979/ 06

An Evaluation of Waiving the Driving Tests for Selected Graduates of Driver Training

By: David M. Harrington

To determine if it was plausible, without a reduction in screening quality, to permit the schools to certify students as meeting the requirements for a driver's license instead of requiring a driving test administered by DMV.

36 1971/ 03

Modifying Negligent Driving Behavior: Evaluation of Selected Driver Improvement Techniques

By: William C. Marsh

To compare and evaluate eight different methods of dealing with negligent drivers.