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California Driver Handbook - New Laws


California Driver Handbook - New 2017 Laws


Use of Electronic Wireless Devices

It is illegal to drive while holding and using an electronic wireless communications
device, unless the device is mounted on the windshield similar
to a Global Positioning System (GPS) device, or is mounted on, or attached
to, a vehicle’s dashboard or center console as long as it does not hinder the
view of the road. The driver may use a feature or function with the motion
of a single swipe or touch. This does not apply to manufacturer-installed
systems that are embedded in a vehicle (California Vehicle Code [CVC]

DUI Ignition Interlock Device

This law extends the Ignition Interlock Device pilot program in Alameda,
Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Tulare counties until January 1, 2019 (CVC

Motorcycle Lane Splitting

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has been authorized to begin developing
educational guidelines relating to lane splitting and will consult
with specified agencies and organizations with an interest in road safety
and motorcyclist behavior (CVC §21658.1).

Public Transit Bus Lanes

It is illegal to drive, stop, park, or leave a vehicle standing in the area of a
road designated for the exclusive use of public transit buses unless a vehicle
must cross the lane to make a turn. Signs will be posted to indicate
the lanes are for “bus only” use (CVC §21655.1).

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