Vehicle Registration Renewal

Car, Truck, Motorcycle

Did you already submit your renewal payment? Check your Vehicle Registration Status.

Renew today!

If you need to change your address, do so at least 3 days before renewal.

Your address is current if:

  • Your renewal notice was addressed to and received at your current address.
  • Your current address matches last year’s registration card.
  • You have not moved in the last 12 months.

Before you begin, make sure you have:

  1. Your license plate number.

  2. The last 5 digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN) or hull identification number (HIN) for a boat/vessel.

  3. Your payment information.

    • All credit/debit card transactions include an additional 1.95% payment processing fee.
    • If paying directly from your bank account, there are no additional fees.

This is for registration renewal only; Disabled Person Parking plates or placards are renewed separately. 

Questions? Visit registration renewal FAQs.

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Are you eligible for self-service renewal?

If any of the following scenarios are true for you, you cannot renew using this system; please use DMV’s assisted online renewal system instead.

Your auto insurance company does not electronically report to the DMV.

You need to show proof of insurance (insurance must be submitted by mail or in person).

The vehicle’s record or ownership has changed since the renewal notice was sent.

You have received a demand for payment letter because of delinquent registration.

You are renewing a commercial vehicle registered through the International Registration Plan (IRP).

The vehicle is any of the following:
– Special construction equipment
– Cemetery equipment
– Special mobile equipment
– Logging equipment
– Husbandry equipment
– Cotton or farm trailer equipment

The vehicle has Year of Manufacturer (YOM) specialty plates.

The vehicle is a trailer subject to permanent trailer identification (PTI) registration.

The vessel is owned by an exempt agency.

Not driving your vehicle this renewal year?

If you plan to store and not operate your vehicle during the next renewal year, you may file for Planned Nonoperation (PNO) online. There is a fee to file for PNO.

You may file for PNO up to 60 days before the vehicle’s registration expires. You may also file for PNO up to 90 days after your vehicle’s registration expires, but there will be a late filing penalty fee.

If at any time the vehicle is found operating or parked on public roadways or public property, you will be required to pay full registration fees and penalties for that year.