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The DMV Answer Man Strikes Again


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January 9, 2013

The DMV AnswerMan Strikes Again!

Second Installment Now on DMV YouTube

Sacramento -Back by popular demand…it's the DMV AnswerMan! You heard it right, the DMV AnswerMan is back to his old antics and we captured him on video as he explains the issue of getting a smog test. This is the second of nine videos featuring the ever popular Answer Man and according to the first reviews; it might even be funnier than the first one!

DMV Answerman Video #2

During the summer of 2012, DMV hit the streets and prompted citizens to ask the DMV AnswerMan DMV-related questions. The AnswerMan answers each question in his quirky style, telling funny anecdotes about himself or his friends and family while getting important DMV points across.

This particular video goes into detail on the requirements of getting your car smogged and what to do if you fail the smog test. The DMV AnswerMan also touches on a new smog rule for 2013 where he directs customers to take particular attention to their DMV vehicle registration renewal notices that directs them as to the type of smog station they may take their vehicles if a smog test is required.

There will be a total of nine DMV AnswerMan videos that will be periodically posted on the Web with new installments coming in the future.


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