Document Verification FAQs

  1. Q. When will I know if my documents have been verified?
    A. The time it takes to verify uploaded documents varies. While most documents are verified the same day, documents submitted evenings, weekends or holidays may take longer.
  2. Q. What are acceptable REAL ID documents?
    A. Acceptable documents for a REAL ID can be found online.
  3. Q. I have already uploaded REAL ID documents and chose an office, but I would like to visit a different office.
    A. If you choose to go to a different DMV field office than you originally chose, you will not retain the DMV Express Experience and it is recommended that you visit our website at for additional instructions.
  4. Q. Do I still need to bring my documents I successfully uploaded to DMV?
    A. Yes. The original documents that were successfully uploaded for the REAL ID application are required at the time of your visit to complete the REAL ID application process.
  5. Q. What if I do not want to wait for document verification before going into a field office?
    A. Participating in the DMV Express Experience is not required, so you do not have to wait for verification.  However, completing the DMV Express Experience process will ensure you have the right documents at the time you visit a DMV field office, and your visit will be shorter.