Motor Carrier Services Records and Information

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Motor Carrier Services serves as a liaison between DMV and the commercial motor vehicle industry and provides a central point of contact to obtain records and information.

We maintain records of:

  • Vehicle registration.
  • Information on driver license applications.
  • Conviction abstracts.
  • Accident report abstracts (except for accidents where, in the opinion of a reporting officer, another individual was at fault). 
  • Information on Motor Carrier Permit (MCP) applications.
  • Personnel records of current and former DMV employees.

Unless a specific law prohibits the disclosure of records or information, or provides for confidentiality, all of the above DMV records are available to the public during office hours.

Additionally, commercial organizations and government agencies can apply for requester accounts in order to obtain information from DMV files:

More in-depth information on Commercial Requester Accounts can be found in the Commercial Requester Information Handbook.

Confidential Information

The following information is confidential:

Personal Information

DMV will not make personal information available or disclose personal information, unless the disclosure is in compliance with the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994.

MCP Holders

For MCP holders, the following information is confidential:

  • List of employees provided annually by carriers with 20 or more vehicles for worker’s compensation insurance purposes.
  • Employee Pull Notice (EPN) number.
  • Payment information.

Current and Former DMV Employees

Information collected is requested by the Office of the State Controller and the Personnel/Payroll Services Division and is used by the State Controller’s Office for personnel, payroll, retirement, and health benefits processing. Furnishing personal information is mandatory, unless specifically stated otherwise, and refusal to provide such information may result in refusal of employment, inaccurate determination of credit for State Service, payroll calculations, retirement and/or health benefits.

Authority to maintain this information by the State Controller’s Office include: Federal Internal Revenue Code (26 USC §§3402(a), 6011, 6051, and 6109) and the regulations thereto; Federal Public Health and Welfare Code (42 USC §§403); and California Government Code §§12470 through 12479 and 16391 through 16395; California Unemployment Insurance Code §§13020; delegated authority from the State Personnel Board; and delegated authority from the Trustees of the California State University.

DMV will not disclose personnel, medical, or similar files where disclosure would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, unless there is express written permission from the individual to whom the information pertains. Certain items of personal information may be transferred to the following governmental or private agencies where authorized by law:

  • State Personnel Board
  • Department of Personnel Administration
  • Trustees of the California State University
  • Employment Development Department
  • Department of Social Services
  • Department of Finance
  • Public Employees’ Retirement System
  • Employing state agencies and campuses
  • Social Security Administration
  • Federal Internal Revenue Service
  • California State Franchise Tax Board
  • Other state income tax bureaus
  • Other governmental entities when required by state or federal law
  • Organizations for which deductions are authorized by law
  • Collective bargaining organizations

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