Motor Carrier Services

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Motor Carrier Services (MCS) serves the California vehicle industry by issuing Motor Carrier Permits (MCPs), overseeing commercial vehicle licensing and registration, managing the Employer Pull Notice (EPN) program, and more.

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Drivers who transport property, operate large commercial vehicles, transport hazardous materials, or operate vehicles requiring a commercial driver’s license need to get an MCP.

Commercial Vehicle Registration

Find information about registering commercial vehicles, including vehicle categories, registration steps, requirements, weight regulations, and fees.

Commercial Vehicle Licensing

Drivers need a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in order to operate commercial vehicles. Learn more about getting a CDL, requirements, and employer programs.

EPN Program

The EPN program helps promote road safety by giving employers the ability to monitor the driving records of employees who drive for them.

Records and Information

DMV maintains records of vehicle registrations, accident reports, MCP holders, information on driver license applications, and more. 

Interstate Carrier Program (ICP)

The ICP allows qualified businesses to remotely process International Registration Plan (IRP) transactions. Find requirements and information about applying for the program.

Private Carrier of Passengers (PCP) Certificate Program

The PCP Certificate Program helps ensure that private carriers who transport passengers are qualified, operate safely, and have the necessary insurance.

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