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AB 60: 605,000 Driver Licenses Issued In First Year


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January 6, 2016

AB 60: 605,000 Driver Licenses Issued In First Year

Sacramento – The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reports it has issued 605,000 driver licenses under Assembly Bill 60 (AB 60) since it was implemented on January 2, 2015. 

“DMV committed to successfully implementing this new law to increase safety on California’s roads by putting licensed drivers behind the steering wheel,” said DMV Director Jean Shiomoto. “One year after AB 60 implementation there are 605,000 more drivers on the road who have passed all testing requirements and demonstrated their knowledge of California’s rules of the road.”

Under AB 60, the DMV can issue an original driver license to an applicant who lacks proof of legal presence in the United States and meets all other requirements to obtain a driver license, including proof of identity and California residency and meeting all other licensing requirements including written and drive tests.

During the program’s first year, the DMV has administered 2,091,000 knowledge and drive test examinations. As of December 31, 2015, approximately 830,000 AB 60 applicants have applied for a driver license.  

On average, DMV issued approximately 50,000 new driver licenses per month under AB 60 during the first year of implementing the new law.

Month AB 60    
January 59,000 
February 72,000 
March 76,000     
April 74,000     
May 60,000 
June 56,000 
July 45,000 
August 37,000    
September 34,000    
October 35,000    
November 26,000
December 31,000    
Total 605,000 (all numbers are rounded)

AB 60 was signed into law in October 2013 and gave the DMV one year to get ready to implement one of the biggest programs in the department’s history.

Steps DMV took to successfully implement the new program included:

  • Opening four Driver License Processing Centers (DLPCs) in Stanton, Lompoc, Granada Hills, and San Jose.
  • Hiring and training approximately 1,000 new employees.
  • Developing regulations detailing documents required to prove identity and residency requirements.
  • Extending office hours through June 25, 2015, and added Saturday service through October 25, 2015, to meet new customer demand.

The California DMV has engaged in more than 200 public outreach events across the state.

Applicants are reminded about the importance of studying for the driver license knowledge exam, as well as practicing for their drive test. The department also reminds new drivers about obeying the rules of the road. For specific program information, visit the department's AB 60 webpage

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