Agent’s Handbook for Registration of Undocumented Vessels

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Miscellaneous Information

8.000 Boating Safety Literature

There are more than 40 publications on boating safety that are available, at no cost, for distribution to the public by writing:

Department of Boating and Waterways
2000 Evergreen Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 94815-3896

For a list of the current publications, check the Boating and Waterways website at

8.005 Change of Address (CVC §9865)

The Certificate of Ownership and Certificate of Number are not required to change or correct an address. When a change of address occurs, including change of vessel location, the owner must notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 15 days using the Notice of Change of Address (DMV 14) form. The requirements for a change of address are.

  • A DMV 14 form completed and signed by the registered owner.
  • Correction of the address on the Certificate of Number by lining out the old address and entering the new address. Return the certificate to the owner.

A new Certificate of Number is not issued.

8.010 Change or Correction of Name (CVC §9852)

For applicants requesting a change or correction of name, the following items are required:

  • Certificate of Ownership with the correct name printed or typed in the “New Registered Owner” section on the back.
  • Statement of Facts (REG 256) form completed to show the name change or correction to be made in Section H- Name Statement indicating the reason for the change and signed by the registered owner in Section K.
  • Issue a no-fee Miscellaneous Receipt and Temporary Certificate of Number (BOAT 103) form.

A new Certificate of Ownership and Certificate of Number will be issued and mailed to the owner(s).

8.015 Duplicate Certificate of Number (CVC §9867)

There is a fee for the duplicate Certificate of Number if that is all that is being requested. The requirements for a duplicate Certificate of Number only are:

When the owner of record applies for a duplicate and indicates on the REG 156 form that the original was not received from the department, process as a “no fee” transaction.

8.020 Duplicate Certificate of Ownership (CVC §§9853.1, 9867, 9909)

The requirements for a duplicate Certificate of Ownership are:

  • A properly completed Application for Duplicate or Paperless Title (REG 227).
  • Disposition of the original title must be shown; a mutilated or illegible certificate must be attached to the application.
  • Proper signatures.
  • If there is no hull identification number (HIN), follow the instructions in Chapter 2 of this handbook.
  • Collect the duplicate fee and any other fees due.

The basic transfer requirements apply when ownership is being transferred in conjunction with the duplicate ownership certificate application.

8.025 Historical Vessel Plaque (CVC §9853.5)

Historical Vessel Plaques are available to owners of wooden, power driven, pleasure crafts constructed prior to December 31, 1942.

A brass plaque is issued and may only be displayed on the vessel for which it is issued. Historical Vessel Plaques are not transferable. They are valid for the life of the vessel.

To obtain a Historical Vessel Plaque, have the applicant complete the Application for Historical Vessel Plaque (BOAT 100). The BOAT 100 form is available on the DMV website at Send the application with the fee (see Chapter 3 for fee) to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Special Processing Unit, MS D238
PO Box 932345
Sacramento, CA 94232-34501

8.030 Incorrect Description of Vessel (CVC §9852)

Whenever the certificates do not properly describe a vessel, whether through error or because some major change may have been made to the vessel, the registration agent must obtain the following from the owner:

  • The Certificate of Ownership.
  • A completed Statement of Facts (REG 256) explaining the necessary corrections.
  • Certificate of Number.
  • No fee is required.
  • Issue a BOAT 103 form.
  • List the item on the ADM 173-1.

Valid ownership certificates exist that do not reflect the HIN of record. This occurs because the registered owner did not return the title to the department in 1978 when HINs were assigned to vessels without a number. When one of these ownership certificates is presented for a subsequent transaction, write the HIN on the certificate to reflect the one shown on the Certificate of Number.

State Address Website/Phone & Fax Numbers
AL—ALABAMA (nontitle state) Marine Police Division Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
64 N. Union St., Room 438
Montgomery, AL 36130-1451
(334) 242-3486 or
Fax (334) 242-0336
AK—ALASKA (nontitle state) Boating Safety Division
U.S. Coast Guard
PO Box 25517j
Juneau, AK 99802-55517
(907) 463-2365 or
Fax (907) 463-2299
AZ—ARIZONA (nontitle state) Game & Fish Department
2222 West Greenway Road
Phoenix, AZ 85023
(602) 942-3000 or
Fax (602) 789-3729
AR—ARKANSAS (nontitle state) Arkansas Game & Fish
Commission Boating
2 Natural Resources Drive
Little Rock, AR 72205
(501) 223-6300 or
1-800-364-4263 or
Fax (501) 223-6407
CL—COLORADO (nontitle state) Department of Natural Resources
Division of Parks & Outdoor
13787 South Highway 85
Littleton, CO 80125
(303) 791-1954 or
Fax (303) 470-0782
CT—CONNECTICUT (nontitle state) Department of Motor Vehicles
Marine Vessel Section
60 State Street
Wethersfield, CT 06161
(860) 263-5700 or
Fax (860) 263-5555
DL—DELAWARE (nontitle state) Department of Natural Resources
Division of Fish & Wildlife
89 Kings Hwy
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 739-9918 or
Fax (302) 739-6157
Metropolitan Police Department
Harbor Patrol
550 Water Street SW
Washington, DC 20024
(202) 727-4582 or
Fax (202) 727-3663
FL–FLORIDA Department of Highway Safety &
Motor Vehicles Bureau of Vessel
Titles & Registration
Neil Kirkman Bldg., MS 74
2900 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, FL 32399
(850) 617-2301 or
Fax (850) 487-7090
(nontitle state)
Department of Natural Resources
Boating Registration Unit
P.O. Box 934943
Atlanta, GA 31193
1-800-366-2661 or
Fax (301) 687-8615
(nontitle state)
Department of Land and Natural
Resources Division of Boating &
Ocean Recreation
333 Queen St., Suite 300
Honolulu, HI 96813
(808) 587-1966 or
Fax (808) 587-1977
ID—IDAHO Department of Parks and
Recreations Boating Program
PO Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0065
(208) 344-4199 or
Fax (208) 334-3741
IL—ILLINOIS Department of Natural Resources
Office of Law Enforcement
524 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62702-1270
(217) 557-0180 or
Fax (217) 782-5016
IN—INDIANA Bureau of Motor Vehicles
100 N. Senate Ave., Rm N440
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 232-2812 or
Fax (317) 232-0236
IA—IOWA Department of Natural Resources
Fish and Wildlife Division
502 E. Ninth St.
Des Moines, IA 50319-0034
(515) 725-8200 or
Fax (515) 725-8202
(nontitle state)
Department of Wildlife & Parks
512 SE 25th Ave.
Pratt, KS 67124
(620) 672-5911 or
Fax (620) 672-3013
KY—KENTUCKY Division of Motor Vehicle
Title Branch
PO Box 2014
Frankfort, KY 40602
(502) 564-5301 or
Fax (502) 564-1686
(nontitle state)
Department of Wildlife &
Fisheries Motorboat Registration
2000 Quail Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 765-2887 or
Fax (225) 763-5421
(nontitle state)
Department of Inland Fisheries
and Wildlife Director of Licensing
& Registration
284 State St.
Augusta, ME 04333
(207) 287-8000 or
Fax (207) 287-8094
MD—MARYLAND Licensing & Registration Services
Maryland Department of Natural
1804 West Street, ste. 300
Annapolis, MD 214041
(410) 260-3220 or
Fax (410) 260-8239
Department of Fisheries &
Wildlife Division of Law
100 Cambridge St.
Boston, MA 02202
(617) 626-1500 or
Fax (617) 626-1505
MC—MICHIGAN Department of State
Vessel Registration
430 W. Allegan St.
Lansing, MI 48918
(517) 322-1460 or
MN—MINNESOTA Department of Natural Resources
License Bureau
BOX 26
500 Lafayette Road
Saint Paul, MN 55155-4020
(651) 296-6157 or
Fax (651) 297-8851
(titles are optional)
Mississippi Department of
Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks
2900 North State St.
Jackson, MS 39216
(601) 432-2400 or
Fax (601) 364-2008
MO—MISSOURI Motor Vehicle Bureau
301 w. High Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101-0100
(573) 526-3669 or
Fax (573) 522-9295
MT—MONTANA Title and Registration Bureau
Motor Vehicle Division
1003 Buckskin Dr.
Deer Lodge, MT 59722
(406) 444-3661 or
Fax (406) 846-6039
NB—NEBRASKA Nebraska Game & Parks
P.O. Box 30370
Lincoln, NE 68503
(402) 471-0641 or
Fax (402) 471-5528
NV—NEVADA Nevada Division of Wildlife
Boat Registration
1100 Valley Road
Reno, NV 89512
(775) 688-1506 or
Fax (775) 688-1595
(nontitle state)
New Hampshire Department of
Safety Division of Motor Vehicles
33 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03305-0002
(603) 271-3575
NJ—NEW JERSEY New Jersey Division of Motor
Vessel Titling and Registration
PO BOX 160
Trenton, NJ 08666
(609) 292-6500
NM—NEW MEXICO Vehicle Services Bureau
Motor Vehicle Division
PO Box 1028
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1028
1-888-683-2821 or
Fax (505) 827-0395
NY—NEW YORK Department of Motor Vehicles
Bureau of Registration
6 Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12228
(518) 486-9786 or
Fax (518) 473-1930
(titles are optional)
North Carolina Wildlife Resources
512 N. Salisbury St.
Raleigh, NC 27604-1188
(919) 707-0010 or
Fax (919) 733-7083
(nontitle state)
North Dakota Game & Fish
100 N. Bismarck Expressway
Bismarck, ND 58501-5095
(701) 328-6300 or
Fax (701) 328-6352
OH—OHIO Department of Natural Resources
Division of Watercraft
2045 Morse Rd Bldg A
Columbus, OH 43229-6693
(614) 265-6480 or
Fax (614) 261-8407
OK—OKLAHOMA Boat & Motor Division
2501 North Lincoln
Oklahoma City, OK 73194
(405) 521-2830 or
Fax (405) 521-3826
OR—OREGON State Marine Board
435 Commercial St. NE, #400
PO BOX 14145
Salem, OR 97309-5065
(503) 373-8587 or
Fax (503) 378-4597
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat
Commission Boating Registration
& Licensing Division
PO Box 67000
Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000
(717) 705-7800 or
1-866-262-8734 or
Fax (717) 657-4449
RI—RHODE ISLAND Department of Environmental
Division of Business Affairs
235 Promenade Rm 250
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 222-6800 or
Fax (401) 423-1925
Department of Natural Resources
Enforcement & Education Affairs
1000 Assembly Street Rm 104
Columbia, SC 29202
(803) 734-3857 or
Fax (803) 734-4086
Division of Game, Fish, & Parks
Division of Motor Vehicles
523 E. Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-3182
(605) 223-7660 or
Fax (605) 773-4117
(nontitle state)
Tennessee Wildlife Resources
Agency Boating Division
PO Box 40747
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 781-6500 or
Fax (615) 781-6551
TX—TEXAS Texas Parks & Wildlife
4200 Smith School Road
Austin, TX 78744
(512) 389-4800 or
1-800-792-1112 or
Fax (512) 389-4814
UT—UTAH Department of Parks & Recreation
1636 W. North Temple St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
(801) 538-7220 or
Fax (801) 883-8757
VT—VERMONT Department of Motor Vehicles
109 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05602
(802) 828-2070 or
Fax (802) 297-7697
VA—VIRGINIA Department of Game & Inland
PO Box 11104, 4010 W. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23230-1528
(804) 367-1000 or
Fax (804) 367-9147
WN—WASHINGTON Department of Licensing
Vessel Licensing
PO Box 42654
Olympia, WA 98504-2654
(360) 902-3770 or
Fax (360) 902-4089
Division of Motor Vehicles
Capitol Complex, Bldg. 3
1800 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston, WV 25317
(304) 558-3900
WS—WISCONSIN Department of Natural Resources
Licensing and Registration
124 S. Webster St., PO Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707-7921
(608) 266-2621 or
Fax (608) 261-4380
(nontitle state)
Wyoming Game & Fish
Department Watercraft Section
5400 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne, WY 82006-0001
(307) 777-4600

8.040 Stolen Vessels

Stolen or embezzled vessels must be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency, which will report the loss or theft to the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ immediately notifies the DMV of the reported theft or embezzlement. This will cause the vessel file to be flagged.

Recovery of a stolen or embezzled vessel must be reported immediately to a law enforcement agency which will then notify DOJ. When authorization is received from the DOJ, the flag will be removed from the vessel file.

8.045 Substitute Sticker (CVC §9853.4)

The clearance requirements for issuance of a substitute sticker are:

  • An Application for Replacement Plates, Stickers, Documents (REG 156) from the owner showing disposition of the original sticker. A mutilated or illegible sticker must be attached to the application.
  • Collect the substitute sticker fee. If the owner indicates the original sticker was not received from the department, process as a “no fee” transaction.