Agent’s Handbook for Registration of Undocumented Vessels

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Accounting Procedures

7.000 Applications Returned

Incomplete or inaccurate applications will be handled in the following manner:

  • Applications requiring correction or additional documents will be returned to the agent along with a receipt for the fees collected.
  • The second copy (canary) of the ADM 173-1 will be returned to the agent with incomplete application(s) and receipts. (Reconcile your agent copy of the transmittal with the returned copy.)

When the necessary requirements have been met, record the application on your current ADM 173-1. If the amount of the receipt matches the “total amount” on the application, no other fees are required for the item.

Enter the:

  • Amount in Credit Media Column (3)
  • Receipt number (office number, date, cashier and sequence numbers) in the Office Key Credit Column (5).

7.005 Transmittal of Vessel Registration Applications (ADM 173-1)

ADM 173-1 is the document used to record transactions involving receipt of funds. Use a black ballpoint pen for completing this form. List all accountable items issued in numerical order. When processing a transaction, make the entry immediately after the receipt has been written.

Instructions for entries on ADM 173-1:

  • Enter the CF number, or, if a new vessel, enter the hull identification number (HIN) or last name of the registered owner.
  • Enter the amount of cash, check, or credit media collected in Columns 1, 2, or 3. Do not make an entry in the credit media Column (3), unless you are returning an application with a credit receipt. Enter the amount that appears in the “total” area of credit receipt. In the Office Key Credit Column (5), enter the credit receipt number (office number, date, cashier number, and sequence).
  • Enter the sticker number issued in the Current Sticker Column (6).
  • Enter miscellaneous receipts issued (transfer, duplicate, etc.) in the Commercial Plate Column (8).
  • Use the “Other” Column (11) in December to list next year renewal sticker numbers. Do not list current year stickers in this column.
  • Enter the CF number for an original application in the Boat 102 Column (13).

Submit transmittal document weekly. Send the first three copies to the department with the applications, any documents, and a check or money order payable to DMV. Retain the quadruplicate (goldenrod) for your records.

If there have been no transactions during the week, submit a ADM 173-1 indicating: “No transactions during the week of xx/xx/xx.”

Distribution of Transmittal of Vessel Registration Applications:

  1. Original-Control Cashier (white).
  2. Duplicate- Extra copy (canary).
  3. Triplicate-Extra copy (pink).
  4. Quadruplicate-Agent copy (goldenrod).

7.010 Transmittal of Vessel Registration Application

7.010 Transmittal of Vessel Registration Application Voided Example