Vehicle Salesperson Renewal or Reinstatement

Begin a vehicle salesperson renewal or reinstatement.

If you are currently suspended for any reason, you are not eligible to use this application.

Before you begin:

  1. In order to renew or reinstate a vehicle salesperson license, you will need to complete a validation process consisting of the salesperson license number, DL/ID number, and full name as represented on the salesperson license card, prior to receiving access to the online application.

  2. Have your salesperson license card available.

  3. For renewal of a salesperson license online, the expiration date must be within six (6) months


    For reinstatement of a salesperson license online, the license must be expired for a period of less than three (3) years, with no prior detrimental history such as criminal convictions or previous departmental action within the past ten (10) years.

  4. Be prepared to pay applicable fees using your banking information (bank routing number and account number, as shown on your checks) or by credit/debit card. There is a 2.3% service fee applied when using a credit/debit card.

  • Once this application form and fee have been submitted, no refunds will be made.
  • If your application is denied, the application fee will not be refunded.
  • For more information regarding the renewal or reinstatement of a vehicle salesperson license, call Occupational Licensing at 916-229-3128