Occupational Licensing Certifications & Agreements

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You can apply for, renew, or modify
an occupational license online.

Many vehicle-related businesses and service providers in California are certified, monitored, and regulated by Occupational Licensing (OL).

These businesses and professions include:

  • Employer Testing Program (ETP) ETP allows commercial employers operating in California to administer drive tests to employees pursuing their commercial driver’s licenses instead of requiring them to go to DMV. Commercial employers, employer administrators, authorized representatives, and examiners must meet DMV requirements to participate in the ETP.
  • Ignition Interlock Device Program You need a breath alcohol ignition interlock device manufacturer certification if you produce ignition interlock devices for use in vehicles in California.
  • Vessel Agent Appointment This appointment is needed if your work is to register boats or watercraft that are used as transportation on the water.

If your business engages in these activities, or if you are opening a business that will do so, you must be certified by DMV occupational licensing.


Holding an occupational license shows that your service or business meets the standards set by California State law and the Vehicle Code. As part of the application process, OL inspectors will perform background verifications and physically inspect places of business for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Your business locations will be periodically reviewed for continued compliance.