Occupational Licensing Schools & Training


You can apply for, renew, or modify
an occupational license online.

Vehicle-related educational services such as schools and training are licensed, monitored, and regulated by Occupational Licensing (OL).

These businesses and professions include:

  • All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Safety Training A license is required to operate as an ATV safety training organization or instructor.
  • Vehicle Dealer Education Provider To obtain a license to sell used vehicles on a retail or wholesale basis, you are required to successfully complete a written exam.
  • Driver School Instructor License  To work for a driving school as an instructor and teach others how to operate a motor vehicle, you need a driver school instructor license.
  • Driver School Owner License If you own a driving school that offers motor vehicle instruction in exchange for compensation, a driving school owner license is required.
  • Driving School A driving school is any business that offers motor vehicle instruction in exchange for compensation. A driving school needs to have DMV authorization to issue student licenses.
  • Independent Driving Instructor If you teach others how to operate a motor vehicle but you are not employed by a driving school, you need an independent driving instructor license.
  • Mature Driver Program Mature driver courses are designed for drivers 55 and older and provide instruction on defensive driving, California motor vehicle laws, and more. Drivers who successfully complete an approved mature driver program can qualify for reduced insurance premiums.
  • Traffic Violator School (TVS) A TVS is a business that provides traffic safety instruction for individuals referred by a court of law. TVS owners, operators and instructors are required to hold occupational licenses.

If your business provides vehicle-related educational services for a fee, or if you are opening a business that will do so, you are required to hold a current and valid occupational license. Some exceptions may apply for public schools, nonprofit public service organizations and other types of vocational or not-for-profit trainings.


Holding an occupational license shows that your school or training business meets the standards set by California State law and the Vehicle Code. As part of the application process, OL inspectors will perform background verifications and physically inspect places of business for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Your business locations will be periodically reviewed for continued compliance.