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Testing of Autonomous Vehicles


Testing of Autonomous Vehicles with a Driver

Adopted Regulations for Testing of Autonomous Vehicles by Manufacturers

DMV conducted two public workshops in 2013 related to developing regulations for testing of autonomous vehicles. The proposed regulations were then published in the Office of Administrative Law's California Regulatory Notice Register on November 29, 2013. The publishing marked the start of a 45-day public comment period, which ended on January 13, 2014. After a public hearing held on January 14, 2014, DMV delivered final testing regulations to the Office of Administrative Law for approval.

The autonomous vehicles testing regulations, which require a driver, effective on September 16, 2014.

The regulations adopted by the Office of Administrative Law on February 26, 2018, amend the regulatory text for testing with a driver.

Adopted Regulatory Text (PDF)
Final Statement of Reasons (PDF)

Information for Manufacturers Testing of Autonomous Vehicles with a Driver

The autonomous vehicles testing regulations establish an Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program that is administered by the department's Occupational Licensing Branch. DMV is currently accepting applications for the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program.

You may view the requirements and application process for manufacturers to obtain DMV's approval prior to testing autonomous vehicles on California public roads.

Permit Holders

As of March 12, 2020, there are 65 Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit holders.

Autonomous Vehicle Collision Reports

Under the testing regulations, manufacturers are required to provide DMV with a Report of Traffic Collision Involving an Autonomous Vehicle (form OL 316) within 10 days after the collision. 

View Autonomous Vehicle Collision Reports submitted to the department. Each OL 316 is redacted of information that is not appropriate for disclosure under the California Public Records Act.

Autonomous Vehicle Disengagement Reports

The California Autonomous Vehicle Testing Regulations require every manufacturer authorized to test autonomous vehicles on public roads to submit an annual report summarizing the disengagement of the technology during testing. This disengagement report is due January 1 each year. The first report covers the period from when the permit was issued to November 30 of the following year. Subsequent reports provide details from December 1 to November 30 of each year.

The DMV introduced a Annual Report of Autonomous Vehicle Disengagement (OL 311R) (PDF) form in 2018 to help standardize the reporting method.

All active permit holders that received authorization prior to 2019 were required to submit a disengagement report by January 1, 2020. Manufacturers permitted in 2019 will submit their first report by January 1, 2021.

Individual disengagement reports for 2015-2019 have been archived by the DMV and are available upon request. Please email to request a digital copy of an archived report.

View the 2019 Disengagement Reports

Previous Hearings and Workshops

If you have been unable to attend the previous workshop or public hearings, you may view the Previous Autonomous Vehicle Workshops and Videos

Background on Autonomous Vehicles

For more general information about autonomous vehicles, visit Autonomous Vehicles in California.

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