California Autonomous Vehicle Regulations

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To encourage innovation and promote road safety, the Autonomous Vehicles branch of DMV establishes regulations governing autonomous vehicle testing and deployment on California roads.


Find drafts and modifications of regulations for testing and deploying autonomous vehicles.

Development Milestones

Learn more about the important milestones we have hit as we have worked to develop regulations for testing and deploying autonomous vehicles. 

Autonomous Light-Duty Motor Trucks (Delivery Vehicles)

On December 16, 2019, the Office of Administrative Law approved revised regulations allowing for the testing and deployment of autonomous motor trucks (delivery vehicles) weighing less than 10,001 pounds on California’s public roads (with an approved permit from DMV). DMV can begin approving new applications as of January 16, 2020.

In developing and adopting these regulations, DMV followed the same approach used for past autonomous vehicle regulations packages, including a hearing and workshop open to public comment.

DMV regulations continue to exclude the autonomous testing or deployment of vehicles weighing more than 10,001 pounds.

Public Hearings and Workshop Videos Archive

DMV started considering the implications of testing and deploying autonomous vehicles on our roads in 2013. Since that time, we have held a series of workshops and public hearings to hear from and educate the public. If you have not been able to attend one of these workshops or hearings, you can watch the videos here.

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