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Sample Commercial Drivers Written Test 1


Sample Commercial Drivers Written Test 1

Answer Sheet

Question 1. A pre-trip inspection should be completed:
Correct Answer: Before operating the vehicle.

Question 2. What should you do when you are driving at night?
Correct Answer: Make sure you are driving slow enough so you can stop within the range of your headlights in an emergency.

Question 3. Which of the following is the correct term for a long commercial vehicle's tendency to swing wide on turns?
Correct Answer: Offtracking.

Question 4. When a coolant container is part of a pressurized system, you can:
Correct Answer: Check the coolant level of a hot engine.

Question 5. When you are parked at the side of the road at night, you must:
Correct Answer: Warn others by turning on your 4-way emergency flashers.

Question 6. While doing the pre-trip inspection on your vehicle's steering and exhaust system you found the following problems. Which one, if any, should be fixed before you drive the vehicle?
Correct Answer: Play in the steering wheel of more than 10 degrees (2 inches on a 20-inch steering wheel).

Question 7. Containerized loads:
Correct Answer: Generally are used when freight is carried part way by rail or ship.

Question 8. You must exit a highway using an offramp that curves downhill and you are driving a heavy vehicle. You should:
Correct Answer: Slow to a safe speed before the curve.

Question 9. Water can safely be used on which of these fires?
Correct Answer: Neither of the above. (Neither Electrical nor Gasoline.)

Question 10. Three things add up to the total stopping distance for your vehicle. They are:
Correct Answer: Perception distance, reaction distance, braking distance.

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