Rulemaking Actions

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The following regulatory actions are available for review. A business or person submitting a comment to a proposed regulation or proposed amendment or repeal of a regulation has the right to request a copy of the final statement of reasons.

The linked documents below are in PDF format. To view and print these documents, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Current Proposals and Actions

Alternative Registration Products (AB 984)
Invitation to Public Workshop

Plate Sponsors (Article 3.1)

OAL File Number Z2023-0323-02

Comment Period Ends May 23, 2023

Conflict of Interest Code

OAL File Number 2023-0111-01

Comment Period Ends: March 13, 2023

Ignition Interlock Devices – Certification of an Ignition Interlock Device

OAL File Number 2023-0109-02

Comment Period Ends: March 6, 2023

OAL File Number 2023-0315-04

Effective Date of Regulation: July 1, 2023

Fee for Recording Notices of Violation

OAL File Number 2022-1024-03

Comment Period Ends: December 19, 2022

OAL File Number 2023-0315-03

Effective Date of Regulation: July 1, 2023

Reduced Fee No Fee ID card

OAL File Number 2022-0527-01

Comment Period Ends: July 26, 2022

OAL File Number 2022-0811-04S

Effective Date of Regulation: January 1, 2023

Confidential Addresses for Administrative Law Judges

OAL File Number 2022-0523-01

Comment Period Ends: July 18, 2022

OAL File Number 2022-0808-01S

Effective Date of Regulation: January 1, 2023

Commercial Driver’s Licenses: Entry Level Driver Training

OAL File Number 2022-0329-02

Comment Period Ends: May 23, 2022

OAL File Number 2022-0615-03S

Effective Date of Regulation: July 28, 2022

Regulation Notice Mailing List

The Regulations Branch of the Legal Affairs Division notifies individuals or organizations wishing to receive Proposed Regulatory Actions submitted to the Office of Administrative Law for publication by the department. The Regulations Branch distributes the Notices via e-mail and U.S. Mail.

If you wish to be notified via email, you may Subscribe to DMV Email Alerts online.

If you wish to be notified via U.S. mail, please contact the Regulation Branch at:

DMV Legal Affairs Division

Regulations Branch, C-128
PO Box 932382
Sacramento, CA 94232-3820

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